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You Need Chimney Inspections in the Summer—Here’s Why

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Before the colder months begin to creep up on us, ask yourself if your chimney is ready to function through the winter. If you haven’t gotten your chimney serviced since it was switched off in spring, then you should definitely get it inspected before the end of summer. The warmer months are always better for any sort of work that needs to be done on chimneys, and we’re going to discuss why that is the case.

Easier to Schedule

Summer is usually the time when people switch their chimneys off. You won’t need it as much as you would in winter or fall due to rising temperatures. This means getting inspections or repair work done on it won’t get in the way of your regular use. Summer is also an easier time to get a booking as most people only realize they need repairs when switching the chimneys back on in the fall. By then, too many people may be making bookings, and it will be harder to get quicker service. Getting inspections done in the summer can ensure you’re ready when winter comes.

Easier Time for Masonry

With a lot of chimney restoration or repair work being masonry, you’ll want to try and get it done during the ideal weather conditions in summer. Mortar and masonry equipment requires warmer temperatures to work properly. It’s possible for the water inside the mortar to freeze. This would cause it to increase in size and create cracks in the brickwork. In summer, the mortar can set properly without freezing. This just ensures fewer setbacks and a quick repair job.

chimneys in winter

Prevent Strange Odors

Another reason you’d want to get the inspection done in the summer is to prevent any weird odors from coming up from the chimney. Creosote is a substance that ends up lining the chimney during its use. It’s the by-product of burning wood, and it’s often stored along the chimney lining. In the summer months, the creosote can react to the humidity and heat and create an unpleasant smell that could fill up your house. The smell may also aggravate allergies and harm individuals who have asthma.

Regular chimney inspections are an important part of proper home upkeep. If you are looking for chimney cleaning and chimney repair in CT before the end of summer, schedule an appointment with our team at Creative Masonry and Chimney, and get a free quote for the required services.