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Why You Should Get Your Chimney Swept in the Winters

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Getting your chimney swept should be a priority regardless—but getting it swept in winters is all the more imperative—and here’s why.

Removing Hurdles

You’re probably familiar with gutter clogging—a major plumbing issue throughout the year. For chimneys, however, since they are used mostly in winters, the problem is even more major. The reason for this is that clogged chimneys are more dangerous than clogged gutters. Debris or animals (usually small birds) getting stuck in the chimney can lead to fires. If the smoke doesn’t find an outlet to escape, you’re looking at carbon monoxide buildup, which can spark a fire.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is also a possible consequence. And, speaking of fires…

Forget soot. Let’s talk creosote. If you’ve ever looked up a chimney, you’ve probably noticed a glassy, blackish, tar-like substance that sticks to the sides. That’s creosote, and it’s highly flammable. It has singlehandedly caused several chimney-related fire disasters in the past few years. Even the tiniest spark is enough to spark a fire that can cause serious damage to your chimney’s structure.

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Creosote is a chemical compound that’s hard to remove, and you shouldn’t try removing it yourself anyway. Always confer with a professional.

Flue Longevity

What’s the first line of defense your chimney has against a fire? It’s the flue liner. These protect your house from fires and the members of your household from dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. What it does is maintain a bridge—a layer of insulation, so to speak—between the walls of the chimney and the corrosive material in the smoke emanating from the fuel you’re burning.

However, the accumulation of soot and creosote, which happens naturally over time, can block this layer and make it dysfunctional if you aren’t opting for regular cleanups during the winters. Getting it cleaned regularly will ensure the flue liner lasts you a long time.

Maintaining House Health

You want to keep the debris accumulation to a minimum, as well as avoid the possibility of soot and creosote accumulation. Regular chimney cleanups ensure the structure of your house isn’t at risk of weakening over time.

Additionally, having professionals carry out the cleanup job ensures that you can detect any structural errors you have in your chimney straight away.

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