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Why You Should Clean Your Chimney This Winter

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chimneys in winter

During the winter, fireplaces and stoves are in constant use of heating. If your fireplace or chimney is not clean, it can cause severe health issues. This blog post will explain why you should clean your chimney in the winter season.

To Protect Your House from Fire Hazards

We constantly burn wood for heating in cold weather, which produces flammable materials, such as creosote. If this material is not cleaned properly, it can cause a fire hazard at your place.

So if you want to enjoy the winter peacefully without any fire issues, get your chimney cleaned before winter starts.

To Get Rid of Pests

During the spring and summer seasons, when the chimney is not used that much, many pests and animals take shelter in it. As a result, this leads to clogging. These living beings can harm themselves when the chimney is used in winter. Thus, it is important to inspect and clean the chimney before the start of the winter to get rid of animals and pests from it.

In the case of burning, these pests and animals can pollute the environment and cause fire hazards, so getting your chimney inspected and cleaned by professionals can help prevent this issue.

To Identify Hidden Structural Issues or Damages

When the chimney constantly used during the winter season, it goes through wear and tear and can sometimes get damaged. A professional can inspect the chimney and determine signs of internal and external damage.

If not repaired in time, these external and internal damages can cause the chimney to collapse and cause significant damage to your property. Finding this issue early on can saves you from expensive repairs. You can contact Creative Masonry & Chimney for cleaning and inspection to detect any problems.

To Decrease Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Excess use of fire in winter produces one of the most dangerous gases, carbon monoxide, in chimneys. This gas is invisible and, once leaked into houses, it can cause instant death. In order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, it is important to get your chimney cleaned in winters.

Creative Masonry & Chimney is a certified chimney cleaning company in Connecticut that follows the practices of authorities like NCSG and CSIA. Contact them today for professional chimney cleaning to decrease the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning at your place.

For Claiming Home Insurance

Many individuals are unaware that the damages caused by chimney hazards that lead to a fire can be claimed via home insurance. This document proves to your agents that the fire was accidental and not due to negligence, and you can easily claim the repair amount from it.

To protect your house from hazards, get your chimney professionally inspected and cleaned today. If you are looking for experts in Connecticut, contact Creative Masonry & Chimney and visit our website today. Contact us via call or email to book your appointment today.