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Why Is Your Chimney Leaking All of A Sudden?

Post by : dminCMC


three chimneys on the roof of a house

Thunderstorms and heavy rain showers are a sight to cherish. They offer a sweet replacement for the scorching summer sun and happen to be a blessing for our gardens and lawns. However, one unpleasant thing that these heavy rains often bring along them is a leaking chimney—making you cut your celebrations short and dial chimney repair services for help.

Rainfall is a common cause for a leaking chimney. There are various other factors as well that can cause the chimney of your house to malfunction. The point is—your chimney tends to fail at some point. According to statistics, the people of the United States suffer a loss of $125 million due to chimney fires every year.

To prevent a major event, it’s important you look out for little cracks and leaks in your chimney before they cause a major dent in your bank account.


Dangers of Chimney Leaks

We talked about how a leaking chimney is a fire hazard due to the presence of electric wires in the house. Some other dangers include:

  • A leak in the chimney can divert the water through the ceiling and into the attic of your house—damaging the valuables that you’ve kept safe up there. Ceilings that suffer water damage lose their color and the plaster may expand.
  • Mold thrives in wet and cold conditions. If you leave your chimney leak unattended—mold may develop and spread throughout your house structure.
  • Water seeping through the walls may damage their framing. This can spread to the doors of your house causing wood deterioration at a rapid pace.


If you notice your chimney leaking, now may be the best time to contact professional chimney services in Hartford, CT. At Creative Masonry and Chimney, we put the right value on your time and money by providing top-of-the-line chimney cleaning and repairing services in Connecticut.

Now that you know why chimney leaks are bad and how early repair can help prevent major losses, let’s discuss the causes that can lead to a chimney leak:

The Causes of Chimney Leaks

We’ve listed some of the biggest causes of chimney leaks below:

The Chimney Cap:

The chimney cap is the barrier between your property and water. If the chimney cap isn’t properly fitted, the fireplace would be left exposed to the downpour, debris, birds, and animals.


The Chimney Crown

It is the cement block at the top of your chimney. Cracks in your chimney crown are the reason for water to seep in through the ceiling and into the attic. This requires an instant chimney crown repair to prevent further damage.

Masonry damage

Masonry along your chimney often deteriorates and causes leakage. Water causes the bricks on the masonry to crack—affecting the stability of the chimney.

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