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Why Does a Fireplace Need Glass Doors?

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The National Fire Protection Association recommends that smoke alarms be installed roughly three meters away from a cooking area to minimize false alarms. A bare fireplace can act as a stove but of an extremer level. If allowed, it can smog up the area real fast- chimney or no chimney. The only way to stop this from happening is by closing it up.

Here’s why we recommend you get glass doors during a fireplace installation.


The functionality of fireplaces comes under fire quite often, thanks to chimneys of all things. Most of the heat produced by the fire escapes through them, leaving the room with only a fraction.

By its very nature, glass tends to draw in the heat from its proximity, radiating it outward rather than upward.

Fewer Bills

With glass doors, a fireplace may just end up being your primary—perhaps only—central heating source. They prevent the heat from escaping through the chimney chute during the winters and do the same for cool air in the summers.

Therefore, you’ll not only feel less of a need to turn up the heating when it’s cold but also get hot less often when it’s warm, which all culminates in lower utility expenses.

living room firepace


Despite a screen, open hearths can be quite flammable because they still have direct access to your furniture, rug, and other upholstery. Just one rogue ember is all it takes to spark a fire on such items.

Moreover, breathing in smoke coming from the fireside can be deadly. A controlled fire is still a fire, and smoke inhalation is a very real threat to your well-being. With glass doors, you can let in the heat minus the smoke.

Décor-wise Superior

Mesh screens might do the job, but they get old really fast. Glass doors can provide an unobstructed view of the blazing fire and offer the right aesthetic. They look really inviting in a cozy, traditional home and can elevate the design of a fireplace twofold by complementing its frame, be it wrought iron or masonry.

Easier Maintenance

Cleanup is easier with glass doors because they keep in all the waste that comes from a fire, such as ash creosote, leftover kindling, and soot. They keep them inside the hearth instead of allowing them to spread on every available surface of the house so that your chimney cleaning services have to sweep them off along with the rest of your chimney.

As for the doors themselves, it goes without saying that glass is easy to clean. You can have it sparkling and spotless in no time with the right solution and wiping cloth.

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