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Which Fireplace Will Match My Décor?

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Fireplaces are all the rage when it comes to interior and even exterior home decor. People have been using fireplaces since the 15th century, thereby forming an integral part of medieval houses and castles.

You may be wondering why fireplaces are still so popular. Apart from adding depth and aesthetic to your space, they offer many variations in style and design. Fireplaces work with all kinds of decor, from traditional to modern. Here’s your guide to understanding which fireplaces go well with which type of decor:

Traditional or Rustic Look

If your decor consists of neutral and traditional elements such as leather sofas or beige-colored furniture, traditional fireplaces are the way to go. Traditional fireplaces are installed in a cavity within your wall. These wood-burning fireplaces are usually seen in log-cabins.

Pro-tip: You can place candlesticks on top of the mantelpiece to add a more traditional yet minimalistic look

Contemporary Look

Fireplaces have come a long way with linear and sleek elements such as black enclosed shafts and angular flames flickering from within. These fireplaces are inspired by contemporary European and French design.

Contemporary fireplaces work best with chic and stylish decor, specifically textured walls that make the fireplace structure stand out. They use traditional materials such as stones and brick-work but incorporate them in a more modern and chic way.

Pro-tip: Add a marble painting or art-work on top of the contemporary style fireplace to make it stand out.

contemporary fireplace

Modern Look

Modern fireplaces go one step further than contemporary fireplaces in their sleekness and appeal. They ditch the brick look for that of a stone and marble one. Additionally, instead of placing the fireplace right in the center of the space, corner fireplaces add to the room’s aesthetic; they are usually gas-operated.

Modern fireplaces have a glass or marble cover in front to give off a luxe and polished look.

Pro-tip: Install a beautiful chandelier to add more depth and dimension to your modern mantelpiece.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of fireplaces work well with which decor, we know just the place you can go to for your fireplace installation and remodeling needs.

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