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What to Look For In a Masonry Contractor

Post by : dminCMC


It’s always nice to plan a renovation of the front façade of your home or visualizing how the walkway would look with paving stones. You go up on the internet, look for ‘masonry service near me’ and call the top name that comes up in the search result. In a way this isn’t the wrong way to begin searching for the right masonry contractor. However, it is important not to forget to ask some questions before you make the final decision.

Here in this blog, we’ll discuss a few important things to keep in mind when hiring a masonry contractor for repair or construction purposes.


This is one of the foremost and presumably the most convenient methods to gauge a contractor’s credibility. When hiring a contractor, always ask them to provide you with references. References may include testimonials on a website, previous clients’ contacts and a reputation of the masonry service in your neighborhood.

Area of Expertise

Not all masonry contractors know how to work around all kinds of masonry materials. Some may be good with bricks, while others are better with concrete or marble. It is always good to ask your mason beforehand about their experience and expertise. You can also show them reference pictures to understand what you want exactly and have them guide you about the materials used in that specific masonry work.

Paving stones

Licenses, Certificates, Insurance

A reputable masonry service would always have trained and licensed masons on its panel. Ask for license of your mason and check if it’s up to date. A good mason would have an MCCA license or a similar association. A credible training certificate that renowned masonry services show is of OSHA.

Another proof of documentation that you should require before hiring is of insurance. Make sure to only employ insured masonry contractors.

Written Agreements and Warranties

Most clients when looking for masonry services forego this very crucial step of the process that will ensure their safety. Always have your masonry contractor provide you with written agreements and warranties (if any apply) to save you the hassle of unfinished or improper jobs. This agreement should include timeframe of work completion, payment schedules and special terms such as procurement of materials, cleanup responsibilities.

Why Hire Us?

At Creative Masonry & Chimney, we always encourage an open communication with our clients’ prior taking up any construction or repair work. Not only do we provide you with written documentation and agreements, we also take pride in sharing photos of our previous work.

You can contact us here. You can also ask us for consultation and we’ll gladly assist you with your required commercial masonry or residential masonry work.