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What to Expect from a Summer Chimney?

Post by : dminCMC


Contrary to popular opinion, chimneys do deteriorate with disuse. The long summer months that just whizz by for you may turn out to be a never-ending hiatus for your chimney. Therefore, you need to call in a chimney sweep even during this off-season, for only they can detect and address such issues.

Here are some of the most common summer problems for which you may need chimney services.

Animals Inbound

Once the chimney stops churning out the smoke, birds just might feel comfortable enough to make it their nesting chute. As a matter of fact, it’s quite common to find all sorts of wildlife down your chimney, such as fleas, mosquitoes, and the odd squirrel.

Once they do, they may even make their way into the house if you don’t board up your fireplace properly.

Debris From Past Winter

The flues can get quite dirty following a whole season without proper chimney cleaning. Failing to stay on top of your chimney sweeps may result in the mortar, lined up with the flues, falling through the chute in the form of dust and soot, getting on your floors.

Either get your flues thoroughly checked and cleaned, or make peace with daily sweeps around the fireplace.

damaged chimney

Rancid Smells

When temperatures soar past 75, even a room with a brand-new chimney can smell like soot. Here’s what really happens inside your chimney when they smell like pure, uncut tar:

The smell is hit with a downdraught so strong that they enter the room. Imagine them shooting up through the chimney flue like excess smoke from the fire but in reverse.

Compromised Integrity

You should always stay on top of your chimney’s structural integrity with regular chimney inspections because not doing so means risking advanced level damage to your chute, meaning more spent on masonry services that you could’ve absolutely avoided had you called the brick and concrete pavers earlier.

Chimneys holding on by a thread may cave under the summer sun, which is why you have to enter the summer season with a repaved and refurbished chimney.

Water Damage

Water damage might be the last thing on your mind when you consider chimneys, but they do hold the power to do just that.

The summer season in Connecticut brings thunderstorm aplenty—don’t even get us started on hurricane season. It can be easy to forget about the danger to your chimney’s flashing and cap under extreme weather. Once they get damaged, the damage to your inner and outer walls is pretty much inevitable.

Summer Chimney Services in Bristol, CT

Have us come in for a checkup of your chimney in the summer, run a full diagnostic, and give you the verdict, or as we like to call it, quote on the service it needs.

As chimney services providers, we’re sure no problem is too big for our experts. They’ll give your chimney a repair so good it’ll look better than brand-new.

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