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What to Expect During Chimney Repair

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A man with toolbox repairing chimneys

Chimney repair is an occasional but essential part of a home’s maintenance. It offers many benefits, such as improved fireplace safety and performance, preventing water damage, increasing home value, etc.

Chimneys are exposed to different weather conditions and external elements all year long. From rain to animals, many factors might necessitate repairs and cleaning. If you use your fireplace without getting chimney sweeping or repairs, you are putting your home and family in danger.

Here’s what to expect during chimney repair:

Chimney Inspections

Some chimney damages are easily noticeable, while others are not. That’s why chimney repairs require an inspection to examine all the problems.

Chimney inspectors use special equipment to assess the chimney’s overall condition and make recommendations for repairs accordingly. They will inspect the firebox, damper, flashing, mortar joints, flue liners, crown, and other chimney parts.

Besides repair, regular chimney inspections are important to ensure your family and home’s safety. They tell you if your chimney meets the federal standard for fuel-burning appliances ( National Fire Protection Association Code 211).

Chimney Repointing

During rain or snow, the masonry brick absorbs moisture and starts to deteriorate. This damage is almost undetectable at first, but then mortar joints get damaged, and you may find holes and cracks. If your chimney has broken mortar joints, the professionals will perform chimney repointing.

Also known as tuckpointing, chimney repointing works by grinding out the damaged cement and filling the area (holes, cracks, and damaged mortar) with a new mortar mix. This process prevents water from entering the bricks and keeps the chimney in a good position for a long time.

Flue Liner Installation

Chimney liners are crucial parts of a fireplace containing combustible byproducts of burning wood and heat from gases. When using your fireplace, the chimney masonry gets overheated and can catch fire if a flue liner is damaged. Damaged liners also allow the water to seep through, soot buildup and erosion.

The professionals will install a high-quality chimney liner of the perfect size during chimney repairs. Inaccurate sizing can also prevent flue liners from performing their job accurately.

Chimney Crown Repairs

Another reason contributing to water damage is broken chimney crowns. Chimney crowns keep your fireplace safe from any external or weather conditions to preserve its good condition. However, with time they get cracked, causing deterioration of other chimney parts. Chimney experts will check the gaps between the flue liner and the chimney edge to inspect the damage and perform the required changes. Repairing chimney crowns early can also save you from expensive repairs.

Other Repairs

  • Chimney capsinstallation if you don’t have any or they are damaged. They prevent animals, rain, and debris from entering the chimney.
  • Chase cover installation to send the smoke and ashes away from your roof
  • Flashing repair to prevent leakage
  • Waterproofing to prevent water damage

Chimney of a home emitting smoke

Depending on your chimney’s problems, our experts will perform the required repairs to ensure its optimal performance and safety. Creative Masonry & Chimney is a leading chimney repair company in CT. Besides repairing, we use expert tools and techniques for a chimney inspection and chimney sweeping so you can enjoy a cozy fire all night long. Call us for details.