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What Services Can You Expect from Your Masons?

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The masonry industry in the US includes companies that most prominently provide bricklaying, granite, concrete, and stone setting services. These may be extended to residential structures or commercial ones.

When you hire our masonry crew at Creative Masonry and Chimney, you can benefit from the following services.

Brick Masonry Repair & Restoration

Our brick masonry services are among the most popular services Connecticut residents opt for. If brickwork is part of your home’s or commercial establishment’s structure, or if you wish to have it incorporated during the construction process, our experts can help you with it all!

Even the most skillful brickwork can wear out over time and needs proper maintenance. This has more to do with mortar which has a limited lifespan than the bricks themselves that can last for over a hundred years. When the mortar suffers damage, it can affect the brickwork, causing it to look shabby and unkempt.

We provide color and texture matching services to restore the structure’s brickwork back to its original form, keeping up with the consistency. In addition to this, we also replace loose, weathered, or cracked bricks that may pose a threat to your structure or look completely out of place. From fixing the cracks in mortar to reinforcing brick placement, our brick masonry repair and restoration services act as long-term solutions.

Concrete Repair

Another thing you can expect from our masonry service is concrete repair. Our team specializes in both new construction as well as building concrete repair, be it for your structure’s foundation, sidewalks, or steps. From having new concrete poured or installed to salvaging the existing one with some expert repair work, we’re here to provide you with long-lasting concrete services.

What makes our concrete repair and installation services stand out is the fact that we use the most economical practices during the work process. For instance, our experts will make the existing concrete good for use again by leveling the surface. This way, you won’t have to bear extra concrete installation costs.

Similarly, if the concrete at your site has too many cracks or blemishes for repair work alone, we’ll pour new concrete to make the process more cost-effective. Either way, our concrete repair and installation services result in durable and stable structures and long-lasting results.

Patio Installation & Restoration

Need a new patio for your home? We can install one for you! Our vast range of patio builder services include basic concrete as well as bluestone, making them just right for residential or commercial use. Having advanced knowledge of both conventional and contemporary construction techniques, we’ll have an elegant patio installed at your site in no time.

In addition to this, we can also restore your old stone or brick patio. You can even present your own designs to our experts, and we’ll assist regarding the different options available for patio restoration at your site.

In addition to masonry services, Creative Masonry and Chimney also provides a range of chimney services such as chimney cleaning and fireplace installations in CT.

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