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What is Chimney Repointing, and Why is It Important?

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A chimney is an essential part of your roof if you have a well-functioning fireplace installed in your house. Chimney repair should be a priority as it acts as a protective layer against various external elements. It also helps to vent out the corrosive gases away from the house. But chimneys can become prone to damage after various external factors affect them for years on end.

A chimney with smoke coming out of it

What is Chimney Repointing?

Chimney repointing is the process of renewing the deteriorated parts of mortar joints in the brick. Mortar is the cement between the bricks stack. External mortar can be comprised for several reasons. Renewing doesn’t only include the damaged parts but also the loose parts of mortar, so it doesn’t cause a hurdle when new mortar is being filled. Damaged mortar can create gaps and voids and let water into your chimney. Chimney repointing is said to be the simplest form of brickwork.

When Does a Chimney Need Repointing?

After your chimney starts showing cracks and cervices in its bricks, the chances are that after the first crack appears, the bricks will only deteriorate further and not recover. If you notice the mortar changing its color, it’s probably because it has weathered down a bit. Another sign to look for is spalling brickwork. It’s caused by the constant moisture sitting in the brick that may have entered through gaps and voids. Fireboxes and dampers can rust over time because of the excess moisture.

What is the Repointing Process?

The first thing you need to do when repointing your chimney is to assess the bricks. Take note of all the damaged mortar and how you can extract it without causing further damage. You will then remove the mortar with the help of proper tools and fill the gaps with newly mixed mortar to a certain depth. After the mortar has been set in place, you apply a waterproof sealant that keeps the water out.

A black and white picture of a chimney on the roof of a house in Bristol

Why is Chimney Repointing Important?


You can extend the lifespan of your chimney by finding the signs of crumbled mortar early on and fixing them. Repairing the mortar will help strengthen the bricks as well, making your chimney last longer.

Secures Your Chimney

Another risk of crumbling mortar between the bricks is that it affects the functionality of your chimney. It can create leakage issues as the cracks and crevices will let the water into your house. Furthermore, posing a threat to your health because the toxic waste won’t be properly ventilated from your chimney.

Your Chimney Looks Appealing

A damaged chimney can decrease the value of your property. If you decide to sell your house, a crumbling chimney won’t be a pretty picture for any buyer. A repointed chimney will contribute to the aesthetics of your house.

Keeps the Water Out

There’s a chance of water leakage through the damaged mortar of your chimney during heavy rainfall. To keep your house secure, it’s better to point your chimney as soon as you notice any signs. It will save you time and money.

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