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What Happens If You Ignore Chimney Cleaning For Too Long?

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As temperatures begin to fall, people start spending more time indoors, finding comfort in front of their fireplace. However, what is often ignored is the affect the fireplace has on the chimney.

While chimneys are great for giving the house an elegant and sophisticated look, as well as for keeping the temperature stable and air clean, they can bring many dangers too, if not maintained properly.

By not cleaning your chimney often, you are exposing your family and yourself to grave health and fire hazards, some of which are mentioned below.

Excessive Build-up of Hazardous Substances

excessive chimney smoke

One of the main functions of a chimney is to keep the air clean by expelling smoke and gases outside the house. With the increased use of the fireplace, there is increased accumulation of smoke, gases and other particles in the chimney.

When smoke and other harmful gases are trapped in a chimney for long due to faulty ventilation, they turn into soot and creosote. Soot and creosote stick to the walls of the chimney and harden over time, making them difficult to remove.

Not only are these substances made up of toxic substances and impure carbon particles but are highly combustible. The piling up of these substances in high quantities has many disadvantages.

Blocks Ventilation

Excessive build-up blocks the airways and hinders the process of ventilation. It leaves less room for the smoke and gases to escape thereby leading to more piling up of these substances. Meanwhile, it also increases the unclean flow of air into the house.

Deterioration of the Structure

damaged wall repair

The structure of the chimney is made up of bricks and mortar. The build-up of substances such as soot, tar and creosote stick to the structure of the chimney and become very stubborn.

As a result, the structure of the chimney becomes weak and withered, making the chances of the structure collapsing very high. This can cause a great deal of loss to the family and the home.

Ignition of Fire

The build-up of combustible substances in high quantities rapidly increases the temperature of the chimney. When temperatures reach a certain point, it can lead to a fire.

While some fires may be slow-burning and not explosive, they are still extremely harmful for the house and its residents.  Chimney fires emit extremely dense smoke and an intense smell exposing the family and environment to harmful smoke and gases.

You may be exposing yourself, your family and the environment to all these hazards if you haven’t gotten your chimney cleaned in a long time. It’s time you hire chimney cleaning services and go for a thorough chimney inspection.

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