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What Happens During a Chimney Inspection?

Post by : dminCMC


A contractor inspecting a chimney.

With fall right around the corner, many homeowners in Glastonbury and East Hartford, CT, are getting ready to book their annual chimney inspections.

A chimney inspection might not be the most glamorous topic, but it’s essential for the safety and efficiency of your home.

Not sure what happens during a chimney inspection? Keep reading to find out.

Why Should You Care About Chimney Inspections?

Think of your chimney as the unsung hero of your home’s heating system. It’s responsible for venting out dangerous gases and allowing proper airflow for a clean burn.

However, creosote buildup, debris, and even structural issues can occur over time, potentially putting your home and loved ones at risk.

Pre-Inspection Preparations

Before the inspection begins, it’s best to clear the area around your fireplace or stove. This will allow the inspector to work comfortably and ensure a thorough examination. Also, make sure your appliance is cool to the touch to avoid any accidents.

Exterior Inspection

The inspection process usually kicks off with an exterior examination of your chimney. The inspector will look for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks in the masonry, loose bricks, or damaged flashing. These issues can lead to leaks, which in turn can cause extensive damage to your home’s interior.

Interior Inspection

Once the exterior is checked, the inspector will move indoors. They’ll inspect the interior of your chimney for creosote buildup, blockages, and any structural problems. Creosote, a byproduct of burning wood, can accumulate and become a fire hazard if not removed regularly. Blockages, on the other hand, can hinder proper ventilation and lead to the buildup of carbon monoxide indoors.

The Flue Examination

a home’s exterior with a chimney.

The flue is a critical component of your chimney. It’s the passage through which smoke and gases exit your home. During the inspection, the inspector will assess the condition of the flue liner, ensuring that it’s intact and functioning correctly. A damaged flue liner can compromise the safety and efficiency of your chimney.

The Verdict

Based on the inspection findings, your chimney will be categorized into one of three levels:

  • Level 1:A basic visual inspection to ensure the chimney is structurally sound and free from obstructions.
  • Level 2:A more in-depth inspection, including checking accessible portions of the chimney’s interior and exterior, as well as any attics, crawl spaces, or basements connected to the chimney system.
  • Level 3:This level is necessary when serious hazards are suspected, involving the removal of certain components of the chimney or building structure.

Call In the Chimney Pros in West and East Hartford, CT

Now that you’re well-versed in the world of chimney inspections, it’s time to take action. Don’t let neglect be the cause of preventable issues. Regular chimney inspections can save you from costly repairs and, most importantly, keep your home and family safe.

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