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What Do Gas and Wood Burning Chimneys Have in Common?

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Gas Chimney

On the surface, it may seem like your wood-burning chimney is different from a gas-burning chimney. But let’s not forget, both fireplaces primarily function the same way: they provide heat.

And this heat, combined with either type of fuel, gives off enough similar byproducts that require chimney sweeping and cleaning.

What You Need to Know

Safety Concerns

Much like a wood-burning chimney, your gas-burning chimney will have traces of carbon and byproducts—such as carbon monoxide—making its way up and out. But too much of these can block or damage your chimney enough, causing the byproducts to get trapped.

As a result, gases such as carbon monoxide leaks into the house, building up to dangerous levels, and thus, causing carbon monoxide poisoning. Whichever chimney you have, clearing it out is a must, mainly if you use your chimney significantly more during the winter season!


Putting aside whichever chimney you have, this external issue requires chimney maintenance, no matter what. Because of their structure and bi-annual usage, chimneys and fireplaces often attract animals and birds, which either end up making it their home or their final resting place.

So, when you end up using your fireplace, they contribute to the blockage, which leads to potential carbon monoxide leaking into the house. Having your chimney swept and cleaned before you use it can help prevent any misfortunes.

Water Damage

Even heavy fog can cause water damage to your chimney. If you notice any holes in the chimney, rusted metal, warped flashing, or disjointed bricks, it’s a clear sign that moisture has eaten away at your chimney.

Have the chimney inspected for further damage, and have the interiors checked as well for buildup, so there’s no chimney problem later on.

wood burning fireplace

A Special Notice for Wood-Burning Fireplace Owners

Gas burning fireplaces do not produce excessive creosote or soot as wood-burning chimneys do, though they can build up other residues over time.

For wood-burning fireplaces, please pay attention to your chimney interiors before you must light it up. Creosote build-up can lead to house fires since it is highly flammable. Especially if you have an older home that hasn’t been checked in a while, get in touch with a chimney sweeping and cleaning company like us, and have it cleared for use. Otherwise, you’ll have a bigger problem on your hand later.

Have Your Chimney Cleared Out!

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