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What Are the Most Common Causes of Masonry Damage?

Post by : dminCMC


In its prime, masonry looks beautiful. The orangey-red bricks fit right in with surrounding trees and bushes, giving the space a naturalistic aesthetic. But with time, masonry can lose its charm.

When brickwork isn’t adequately protected from the elements, it begins to crack and crumble, looking unsightly at its worst. Structures that are made of bricks—such as chimneys—can weaken as the damage becomes worse. If it is not treated appropriately, chimneys may even collapse.

Check out the most common causes of masonry damage below so you can take preemptive measures:


Moisture is by far the biggest threat to your brick wall and other brick structures. Water can seep into the cracks of your bricks and freeze. This frozen water then expands and contracts with changes in the temperature, which impacts the strength of the bricks. Over time, the brickwork will begin to crack and crumble.

Moisture can also seep into the mortar, which causes the bricks to loosen. Some may even fall off after enough time.

Bad Repairs

bad masonry repairs

As tempting as it may be to save a couple of hundred dollars by choosing to repair masonry yourself, bear in mind that improper repairs can cost you heavily in the long run.

Unless masonry is treated properly, it’ll never stop looking damaged. Sloppy brickwork may even worsen the damage.

Masonry should be left to the experts. Each brick needs to be placed with precision, and the new mortar mix will have to match the old one. The process requires time and attention to detail.

Certified masonry technicians have the skills and expertise to work swiftly and efficiently while delivering high quality. So don’t compromise to save a few bucks; you’ll regret it.

Lack of Maintenance

Just because brick walls look sturdy doesn’t mean they don’t require maintenance. Like with any object, to extend their longevity, you’re going to need to give them proper care.

Brick structures like chimneys are exposed to wear and tear, and should be inspected regularly; the CSIA suggests that homeowners hire professionals for chimney inspections at least once a year. The more you use your chimney, the more inspections you should have done.

Also, if you notice strange odors and leaks from your chimney, call a reliable chimney services company right away. DO NOT take chimney issues lightly!

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