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What are the Dangers of a Cracked Chimney Flue?

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One of the most important parts of your chimney’s structure is its flue. It’s a cylindrical passageway of masonry typically found in the walls of a fireplace. Chimney flues are used to convey heat, smoke, and gases from fireplaces, stoves, and boilers to the outside atmosphere. Chimney flues may be made of bricks, or they may be lined with cement or fireproof metal.

If your chimney flue is cracked, it can lead to serious problems and health hazards. Let’s look at the risks posed by a chimney with a damaged flue.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When your chimney flue is cracked, it may lead to leaks and allow carbon monoxide to get inside your home. Breathing carbon monoxide can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and unconsciousness at high levels of exposure.

A Fire Outbreak

If a chimney fire is left unchecked, the combustible materials like creosote in your chimney could be ignited. If your flue is already cracked, it means the chimney fire can easily make its way inside your home and lead to a chimney fire.

 three metallic chimneys

Increase Fuel Costs

Chimneys are generally built of masonry such as brick and lined with metal. The weight of snow can put a lot of stress on these fire-resistant linings and cause a rupture or cracks, allowing wind and rain to penetrate the flue and result in heat loss. This will impact the efficiency of your chimney system and increase your fuel costs.

A Sagging or Caving Chimney

While most chimneys are built to stand up to severe weather conditions, they can be damaged by heavy rainfall and windstorms in some cases. Weather-related damage can also occur on your chimney’s interior structure when the brickwork or masonry is compromised. The result is a sagging or caving chimney that may not be able to withstand future snowfalls and windy conditions.

Damaged Roof

Roof problems are often intertwined with issues with your chimney, and they are generally considered part of a safety hazard. If you have a sagging or caving chimney with visible cracks, it will put stress on your roof. If your chimney has flashing issues, it will also comprise your roof’s structure. Not repairing a damaged chimney can cause serious problems for a home’s structure and should be inspected by a professional.

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