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Weatherproof Your Fireplace and Chimney for the Winter

Post by : dminCMC


The weather can take a toll on your chimney and fireplace. Free-flow of air can cause your utility bills to go up, which happens when your chimney isn’t properly sealed. Keeping an eye out on the condition of your chimney and getting any imperfections fixed is essential to save money and to get the most out of your fireplace.

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If you’re unsure about what you’re doing, best to reach out to a chimney service in your area. But here are some tips that will keep your chimney and fireplace held strong against Mother Nature’s wrath.

Waterproofing Your Chimney

Waterproofing your chimney is essential, as moisture can easily find its way inside. Chimney cleaning is the first step in the process. There will be a lot of dust and debris clogged along the walls of it. A chimney sweep can help you out in this regard.

The second part is to figure out what kind of chimney it is, as the waterproofing products vary for each material. Products for brick chimneys require polysiloxanes or silanes while cinderblock chimneys need solvent-based materials.

Using Heat-Resistant Caulk

Caulk lining around the hearth, in particular, can wear down from use. It requires reapplication after some time. Using heat-resistant caulk around the hearth can weatherproof it. Heat loss occurs from the hearth, and this can be prevented by properly applying a layer of caulk around it.

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A Firm Damper

The damper in your fireplace should be closed properly when not in use. If there are gaps in the damper, this will lead to heating inefficiency. Due to the chemicals created by the fire, there can be damage due to corrosion.

Flue sealers are removable stoppers that prevent air from escaping out of the chimney. Install the flue sealer below your damper to prevent heat loss and downdrafts when you are not using the fireplace.

Fireplace Insert

Getting a new fireplace insert is costly, but the benefits of it speak for themselves. Expect a huge difference in heating efficiency after getting a fireplace installation done. Not only does it perform well, but looks good doing so. You will need professional help for fireplace installation however, as it requires precision work to be done.

Creative Masonry and Chimney are providing the people of Hartford, Canton, Simsbury and Bristol, CT with certified chimney and fireplace repair and cleaning services. Be it a small clean up or a complete installation, you can rest easy knowing that our professionals can get the job done for you.