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Upgrading Your Outdoor Space—4 Best Stones to Use for Your Patio

Post by : dminCMC


When it comes to choosing stone options for your outdoor patio, you can’t just go with the first material that catches your eye!
Apart from aesthetic value, natural stones for patios need to possess a few essential qualities—strength, durability, and resistance to inclement weather. And contrary to popular belief, not all stones make the cut—such as marble, largely due to its porous nature.
This is why it’s important to choose a stone for your patio that fits your budget and design needs!

Your Choices


A favorite among homeowners, limestone is elegant, versatile, and reliable for outdoor and indoor use.
Available in a range of colors—from white and yellow to beige and blue—limestone pavers and slabs are more durable than most because they don’t usually get scraped or scratched easily, unless excessive force is applied.
Limestone also holds up well against exposure to inclement weather and is readily available as well, so you shouldn’t have any issues when trying to find a limestone pattern that suits your tastes.


A signature material that was used to build many historic structures in NYC, brownstone has become a lot more common for indoor and outdoor areas because of its earthy, rich tones.
By its name, we know that brownstone is accessible in a limited range of colors—from tan to brown. But even with this limited range, the shades and patterns are so aesthetically pleasing that they gel well with almost any style and arrangement for outdoor patios.


A very popular stone for patios in the U.S., bluestone is a beautiful, elegant, luxurious option that takes even the simplest designs to a whole new level.
Known for its quintessential vibrant shading—from indigo to tan to blue and blue-gray—the tones of color for bluestone are quite dazzling.
Whatever pattern or style you choose, you can’t go wrong with the stone. Bluestone is a must if you want to use stone for a symmetric, geometric patio design.


Sahara granite to be exact, this option stands alongside limestone as one of the most popular stone options in the patio industry.
Characterized by its beautiful gold, brown, tan and black hues, Sahara granite works well if you want your patio design to embody a desert-chic vibe. Add an outdoor fireplace, maybe a poolside feature, and the granite will fit in perfectly.
Long-lasting and durable, granite is the best choice if you live in a region that experiences a lot of bad weather and subsequent water damage.

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