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Understanding Chimney Relining and It’s Importance

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Fireplace burning in a luxurious house

The chimney liner is arguably the most important component of your chimney; this is because it has the tough job of containing flames, smoke, and heat, so your home remains safe.

There are 25,000 chimney fires in the US every year; a chimney liner can prevent your house from being part of this scary statistic.

In addition to containing the fire, chimney liners also prevent carbon monoxide from flowing into the house. And in case a fire does break out, the chimney liner can stop it from spreading.

Because chimney liners are so essential, they need to be relined from time to time to ensure they function properly. Here’s what that entails:

Why Should I Reline My Chimney?

chimney blowing smoke

There are several reasons why homeowners should consider relining their chimney.

Chimney liners endure a lot of damage due to the scorching temperatures of the fireplace. They can also be damaged due to exposure to water. Moreover, when homeowners replace their stove or fireplace, they may require a new chimney liner that is more suitable for the new fuel source.

If you notice a draft coming in from your chimney, the flue may be too small, and it will need to be covered by a chimney liner to account for this.

Once you’ve decided to repair your chimney, our chimney services technicians will ask you whether you want to opt for a sealant or a chimney liner made of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

These are the most popular liners on the market. Stainless steel chimney liners come in a range of sizes and can be installed with ease. They’re very durable and often have lifetime warranties.

In case a fire erupts, a new chimney liner will be able to manage the heat and stop it from spreading into the house.

Determining Whether You Need a New Chimney Liner

If you’re wondering whether your chimney needs relining, call a certified chimney services company near you. You can hire them to carry out a detailed inspection of the chimney and assess the liner’s condition.

Top companies use a camera to reach the concealed portions of the chimney. Based on the video footage, they’ll tell you whether your chimney requires relining.

If you’ve noticed creosote, debris, and clay chunks in your fireplace, then your liner may be damaged and it will have to be fixed.

A professional chimney sweep will carry out a chimney inspection and tell you if the liner needs replacing.


Creative Masonry & Chimney provides fireplace and chimney repairs in Connecticut. We serve Bristol, Farmington, West Hartford, Burlington, Bloomfield, Simsbury, CT, and nearby areas.

Our team consists of certified chimney sweeps and contractors who can reline your chimney to keep your family safe.