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Understanding and Preparing for Chimney Sweep Services

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When it comes to the basic maintenance and upkeep of both your fireplace and chimney, chimney sweeping services are atop the list of simple services. Vital for keeping things both safe and efficient in these important home areas, chimney sweeps are affordable services that help ward off far more expensive and time-consuming issues down the road.

At Creative Masonry & Chimney, we’re proud to have been providing certified chimney sweeping services to residents throughout Connecticut for over 30 years. If you’ve never had a chimney sweep done on your property before, what can you expect? Here are some basics on these important services, from how often they should be done to some preparation tips we recommend so you’re ready for the appointment.

understanding preparing chimney sweep

Frequency Recommendations

For starters, how often should you have chimney sweeping done on your property? The answer here might depend on the size of your chimney and the frequency with which you use your fireplace (and therefore the buildups of soot that are present).

In general, however, chimney sweeping should be done at least once every four years. If you use your fireplace more often than most, you might consider more frequent sweeping appointments, which will prevent soot fires and also limit your exposure to toxins that are released when large quantities of soot build up on your property.

Furniture and Coverage

On the day of your chimney sweep appointment, or perhaps in the days beforehand, it’s important to prepare your space. For starters, be sure to move all furniture and other items away from your fireplace area inside, and cover any pieces or upholstery that you’re worried may be impacted by falling soot. If you have pieces that absolutely cannot withstand any soot contact, move them out of the room entirely.


Another important area to consider, and one that will make your appointment go faster and even more conveniently, is leaving access open to your sweep professional. This may include making a ladder available, plus leaving the soot hatch or sweeping hatch easily accessible. These sweeps may be done on the roof itself, or could be done through the fireplace. These appointments may only take 10 to 15 minutes total if you have access areas prepared in advance.

Steps to the Process

Some basic steps your sweeping professional will follow during your appointment:

  • Survey: We’ll determine what’s needed to properly clean the chimney fully.
  • Preparation: If needed, we’ll place drop cloths or other protection cloths in important areas, such as over your floor.
  • Sweeping: As we noted, this can be performed either on the roof or through the chimney. All dust, soot and creosote will be contained and removed.
  • Post-sweeping notes: Your sweeping professional can tell you about any issues with the condition of your chimney after a sweep, plus can offer recommendations on how soon you should have the chimney swept again in the future. They can also answer any questions you have.
  • For more on what to prepare for during a chimney sweep, or to learn about any of our chimney repair, masonry or fireplace services, speak to the staff at Creative Masonry & Chimney today.