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Tips for Off-Season Fireplace Maintenance

Post by : dminCMC


Fireplace inside living room

Not using your fireplace doesn’t mean that you completely forget about it. In fact, warmer months are considered the best time for fireplace and chimney cleaning, repairs or upgrades.

Fireplace maintenance allows you to keep your chimney in excellent shape all year long, enjoy its optimal performance, and prevent any risks of chimney fires. You can also save a lot of money on extensive repairs and replacements.

If you’re looking to ensure your fireplace functions optimally all year long, here’s everything you need to know about off-season fireplace maintenance.

Complete Masonry Repairs

Masonry repairs can be very inconvenient during the winter because you need to use your chimney every day. While your chimney is at rest during summer, schedule the needed chimney repairs that you couldn’t before.

Over time, the mortar joints deteriorate and cause little cracks and holes in masonry construction, which can be fixed with tuckpointing or repointing. If not fixed, they lead to further damage requiring partial or complete rebuilding. Save yourself from the extra expense and schedule a chimney repair during spring or early summer.

Other common repairs needed can be:

  • Chimney crown restoration
  • Chimney liner replacement
  • Flashing repairs, etc.

Clean The Ashes in The Fireplace

Cleaning the ashes in the firebox ensures better air quality in the house. Once you’re sure that the fireplace has completely cooled down, start by removing the ashes collected in the firebox using a vacuum cleaner, followed by cleaning the fireplace area. You need to be careful to not use any cleaning product that contains flammable substances as they may stay inside the fireplace and cause a fire when you start using the area again.

Waterproof Your Chimney

Brown tiled roofing with chimney

Waterproofing a chimney adds a protective seal around your masonry to prevent moisture damage. It ensures that there’s no leakage, efflorescence and brick spalling in your masonry by keeping the exterior sealed with a water repellent layer. This tip is suited for those with stone or brick chimneys.

Close the Damper for a Wood-Burning Fireplace

The chimney damper seals off the airflow in the chimney and helps in regulating the temperature inside the home. Close the damper if you have a wood-burning fireplace even if you’re not using it; otherwise, the air conditioning will continuously escape from the chimney, costing more energy.

Keep in mind that, if you have a gas chimney, it’s best to leave the damper open to prevent gas buildup inside your home in case any leakage occurs.

Ensure Adequate Covering

Birds, squirrels, bees, etc., usually build their nest inside chimneys when it’s not being used. It is quite dangerous for their lives and causes problems for the fireplace. You need to make sure your chimney opening is adequately covered to keep the wildlife away. Chimney caps are used for just that, preventing water from entering during rainy weather.

Schedule Professional Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

While it’s important to maintain your chimney yourself, scheduling a professional cleaning and inspection once a year is crucial to prevent any damage or chimney fires. Chimney experts deep clean the chimney from top to bottom and assess every part to look for signs of damage. This helps you make any necessary repairs, keeping your fireplace in excellent condition.

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