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Things to Consider for Fireplace Remodeling

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 A living room with a burning fireplace

Chilling beside a fireplace with your dog or kids on a cold winter night is nothing short of a blessing. It offers comfort, warmth and cozy vibes to the space, and everyone is naturally drawn to it. However,  your fireplace is bound to deteriorate with time, increasing the risks of chimney fires. A well-maintained fireplace not only looks great but also eliminates all the safety hazards.

With fireplace remodeling, you can make essential fireplace repairs and enhance the overall look of the space. Let’s have a look at some remodeling ideas:

Add Tiles to The Hearth & Surround

The hearth experiences blazing heat over the years and starts to look old and weary faster than other parts of the fireplace. Tiling a hearth can jazz up the whole look while enhancing the performance. Choose colorful tiles with an appropriate masonry design that can stand the constant heat and occasionally dropped logs. Adding complementing tiles to the fireplace surround can enhance the look even more.

Granite and marble tiles are a popular choice among homeowners for hearth and fireplace surround because they look good and perform well.

Fireplace Inserts

Did you know that fireplaces produce more heat than you feel in your home because they send most of the heated air to the chimney? They overconsume expensive wood and even send the air of the central heating system out of the home.

Adding a fireplace insert is one of the most effective ways to limit heat loss and regulate the temperature inside your home. They look good, increase the efficiency of the fireplace and are easily installed with the help of a professional.

Glass Fireplace Doors

Regardless of their comfort, fireplaces can be dangerous when left untended. If you have a wood fire, adding glass doors is crucial to ensure safety.

Fireplace glass doors are not only for safety, but they also add a modern touch to your existing fireplace. They are affordable, don’t require major changes, and come in various styles and finishes to match your home’s style.

A fireplace with a glass door

Revamp the Mantel

Mantels can take your fireplace from zero to a solid ten.

You can do a lot with a fireplace mantel instead of using it to place all the unnecessary stuff in your home. Add statement décor pieces, candles, your prized possessions, and other attractive elements to give it an improved look.

Fix the Mortar Joints

Due to the constant heat exposure, the mortar joints crumble and start to fall out. Fixing them should be a priority in your fireplace remodeling because the gaps in the masonry can leak hazardous elements into the home and look unattractive.

Fake Natural Stonework with Stone-Veneer Fireplace

There’s nothing more classic than a stone fireplace, but real stonework is pretty expensive, so most homeowners opt for a stone veneer. Stone-veneers are durable, have an earthy look, and elevate the overall look of your living room. They are also affordable and look exactly like a natural stone fireplace with a wide variety of options.

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