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The Risks Associated with Unclean Chimneys

Post by : dminCMC


When was the last time you had your chimney professionally cleaned? If it’s been over 12 months, you need to book a chimney sweeping service today to prevent the following two major risks attached to dirty chimneys.

Chimney Fires

Dirty chimneys are perhaps the biggest cause of chimney fires, which may range from silent and slow burning fires to rapid and flame shooting fires. This is because if the chimneys aren’t cleaned regularly, they get laden with creosote which is formed naturally during the combustion of wood. If you happen to have a wood-burning fireplace that you use quite frequently, then the creosote buildup will be high to the point that it’ll be dangerous for it to just lay there within the chimney flue.

chimney fires

The appearance of creosote varies depending on the components forming the buildup (i.e. the different by-products of wood combustion that exit through the chimney). Once these by-products move past the fireplace and up the chimney, they cool down and condense to form a residue on the inner chimney walls. This may appear as a crusty and hardened black colored substance or a sticky brown residue. Whatever the appearance may be, this creosote residue is highly flammable and can start a fire if the buildup increases and the internal temperature of the chimney flue rises as well.

This is precisely why you need to have your chimney inspected and cleaned professionally each year. Having it cleaned and cleared of creosote buildup will prevent the potential fire hazard and ensure the safety of your home as well as its occupants.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

According to the CSIA, almost 10,000 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning or injuries are reported each year. These too are caused because of unclean chimneys which prevent proper ventilation within the household and create a toxic environment (literally) for the residents.

carbon monooxide poisioning

Carbon monoxide is also a by-product of combustion. It enters your house via the chimney and takes us space within your home. What makes the presence of carbon monoxide so dangerous is the fact that it’s an odorless and colorless gas that’s almost impossible to detect unless you have special carbon monoxide detectors installed at your place. This means that not only does the toxic gas enter and linger in your home, but it also goes undetected until it’s too late.

As you breathe in the carbon monoxide inside your indoor environment, your body becomes more receptive to this than oxygen. Even low exposure to carbon monoxide can have detrimental consequences on your health such as organ damage and brain damage.

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