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The Long-Term Disadvantages of Not Getting Your Chimney Cleaned

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For what it’s worth, let’s say it out loud: a chimney cleaning should not be left undone for a very long period of time. Ideally, a chimney should be cleaned once every year or if you find a glazed consistency residue on the inner walls of your chimney it should be done immediately. In any case, a chimney sweep ignored for too long can cause problems that are sometimes, beyond repairable damage.

Ranging from potential health issues to fire hazards, we have listed down a few grave disadvantages of not getting your chimney cleaned as per the directives of the National Fire Protection Association or the standards of the Chimney Safety Association of America.

Poor Ventilation

A chimney is not merely restricted to adding to the beauty of your house or to warm up the place in winters. It also acts as a ventilation duct for all the combustion air in your house. If you ignore chimney sweeps for too long, chances are that the bad air is getting trapped in your house. This means that after a certain time your family is only breathing poor quality of air which is extremely unfavorable for health.

Fire Hazard

Often, while conducting chimney inspections, we come across large amounts of creosote residue stuck to the walls of the chimney flue. This residue is a byproduct of the burnt wood and only piles up with every fire that you burn in the hearth.

It’s also highly flammable and is reported to be the cause of thousands of fire accidents in homes every year. We suggest a yearly or half-yearly inspection and maintenance visit to our customers to ensure that their houses remain safe.

Respiratory Problems

In addition to causing poor ventilation, an unclean chimney is also a source of continuous carbon monoxide in your house. Known as a ‘silent killer’ carbon monoxide is the source of many respiratory illnesses such as asthma and lung diseases. This gas, produced by the creosote is toxic and contaminates the surfaces within your house due to a blocked pathway from a clogged and unclean chimney.

Bigger Dent to Pocket

We offer a wide range of chimney repair and cleaning services. In our 30 years of service, we have found the longer a chimney has been ignored the major the problem it gives when it’s time. To save yourself from a major expense, which will be the cost of repairing or cleaning a poorly maintained chimney, you can call us for regular inspections. This will not only prevent your family from any unforeseen health complication or fire disaster but also save you from having to spend a lot in case of damage beyond repair.

When to Sweep?

Now that we have emphasized enough the need for a regular chimney sweep, we assure you that our services are as per industry standards and follow the directives of all major chimney associations in the country. Based out of Farmington, Connecticut, we have been serving our clients for chimney installations, repair, and service for the last 30 years. You can contact us today to book an appointment for your chimney cleaning at the earliest.