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The 7 Basic Parts of a Chimney and How to Maintain them

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A chimney on the roof of a house

A chimney is an essential part of your roof if you have a functioning fireplace installed at your house. It’s good practice for you to know about the basic components of your chimney and their maintenance. Here are seven basic parts of a chimney.

1. Chimney Flue

It provides a vent for your chimney for the gases coming from the burning fireplace. Brick chimneys usually have several flues, but metal ones only have one.

2. Chimney Liner

Chimney liners create a clear pathway for smoke and toxic gases to move away from your house. If you’re not using a chimney liner, your chimney can become increasingly hot. It also protects the mortar between the bricks from crumbling.

3. Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is installed right on the top of its crown, also known as masonry. They prevent chimney liners from getting clogged with rainwater or excessive snow. They also act as spark arrestors and prevent their surroundings from catching fire. Chimney liners can either be made of wood or metal.

4. Chimney flashing

The flashing is a protective roof that acts as a waterproof seal for your chimney. It protects the roof and the chimney by keeping the moisture out. Chimney flashing is usually made of copper, aluminum, steel, or vinyl.

5. Chimney Crown

A chimney crown is a concrete slab on top of your chimney. Its sole purpose is to keep the water from running down your chimney. A chimney crown is often referred to as a chimney wash. They’re usually made of metal, concrete, or wood.

6. Fireplace Damper

Fireplace dampers are used to keep the cold air out. When the fireplace is running, dampers control the intensity of the fire. It also helps the flue control the ventilation. You open the chimney dampers before starting a fire and close them after putting the fire out.

7. Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber is placed right above the firebox. It gives a pathway to the smoke coming from the fireplace into the chimney. A wrong-sized smoke chamber can prevent the smoke from being directed into the chimney. Smoke chambers work as an upside-down funnel, drawing out the smoke from the fireplace.

Smoke coming out of a chimney

Maintenance of Basic Chimney Parts

You need to clean out your chimney at least once a year, preferably in Spring. Chimney liners, flue, and chimney caps can become clogged because of the creosote buildup. If you notice your chimney flashing is rusting or pulling away from your chimney, it needs to be replaced right away as it can create leakage issues. Your damper needs to be replaced or repaired as well if it’s not functioning properly as it’s a crucial part of your chimney. Check your chimney for any water leakages as it can create severe damage to your chimney, which can crumble down if not maintained properly from the start.

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