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3 Signs of Chimney Damage

Chimneys aren’t quite as popular of a feature in modern homes as they used to be, but they’re still a common sight in Connecticut. Many homeowners still prefer to have chimneys, whether it’s for an aesthetic appeal or for practical reasons. Does your house have a good old chimney too? Watch out for these signs […]

5 Things That Can go Wrong with Your Chimney in Spring

We usually recommend that people get their chimneys cleaned and rebuilt during the spring season because that’s the time when it’s the most damaged. The chimney’s put through its paces during the winter and the spring rains could exacerbate the damage caused by the excessive heating exposure to cause all sorts of damage. With the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Rebuilding, Renovation and Restoration

There are plenty of advantages of having a chimney in your home like lower energy bills, greater aesthetic appeal and more—but neglected chimneys are quite dangerous. Damaged and neglected chimneys present numerous health and safety risks such as that of fires, combustion and carbon monoxide poisoning that highlights the need to have your chimneys inspected […]

How Often Should Masonry Maintenance Take Place?

Brick exteriors will never go out of style. They bring a historical element to buildings and fit in well with natural surroundings. Homeowners use masonry for exteriors walls because they are energy-efficient, strong, offer great resale value, and are incredibly durable. That being said, the lifespan of your brick exterior depends heavily on the degree […]

Fireplace Safety for Homes with Kids and Pets

Fireplaces look great in the home, whether you live in a mansion or an apartment. They add a touch of rustic elegance, while simultaneously serving a practical purpose in the form of a heating solution. If your house came with a fireplace built-in, or you opted for a fireplace installation through chimney and masonry services like […]