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Some Common Signs of Chimney Damage

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A damaged chimney can become a fire hazard for your home and can create a safety risk for you and your family. A damaged chimney can not only cause water damage to your home but can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, it is crucial to contact your local chimney repair service as soon as possible.

Your chimney is an important part of your house. Most of the time the damage may not be so apparent as we are most likely to overlook chimney damage from time to time. But with proper awareness and understanding, we can look for signs that call for repairs. Here are the signs to look out for damage in a chimney:

Burning wood in fireplace

Deteriorated Mortar Joints

Damaged mortar joints can lead to moisture leakage in your chimney. So, during the colder months, the moisture freezes and expands causing more damage to the bricks and joints. Cracks begin to appear leading to smoke and heat to escape the chimney from damaged places. It can be highly dangerous because a weak mortar joint can also cause the chimney bricks to collapse.

This can occur due to a variety of reasons even when you carefully lookout for signs and maintain your chimney. Weather and wear and tear will deteriorate the mortar. So call your local masonry for a consult as soon as you start seeing visible cracks in the structure.

Efflorescent White Stains

Have you ever seen white stains on your chimney bricks? This is a sign of efflorescence—excessive moisture—in the masonry. Moisture and mold can also build up if this problem is ignored and lead to more permanent damage to the chimney structure. Moisture can seep due to leakages, weather, or water damage. If you are using a gas/propane heating system, then water vapors from the fuel and heating can penetrate the chimney causing the mortar to break down.Therefore, adding a chimney liner can prevent the moisture from seeping in.

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Cracked Crowns

Your chimney crown prevents rain, snow, and animals from invading your chimney. So a chimney crown protects your chimney from external damage. Therefore, any small breach can lead to internal damage to the structure.Because, cracked crown can lead to water infiltration. This damages the surrounding mortar joints, causes faulty flashing and shoulders. If you happen to see any external damage to your chimney crown, it should be repaired immediately.

Moreover, if you encounter smaller cracks in the structure, due to weathering, you can reseal them by calling masonry. But if there are large visible cracks, the entire crown may need to be replaced.

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