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Smelly Chimneys: Fireplace Odors During Summer

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Chimney smell is a common issue that’s often very difficult to resolve. It’s impossible to ignore, and it can trigger certain illnesses if it leads to mold buildup. If fireplace odors are stinking up your home, here are some easy tips on how to eliminate them.

a lit-up home with a chimney in the fields at dusk

Ensure Cleanliness

Ensure all the fireplace accessories are properly cleaned after each use. A thorough scrubbing will eliminate most of the odor-causing debris.

You should also consider getting your chimney cleaned by a professional. A professional chimney sweep has the equipment and tools to clean even the hardest-to-reach areas of your chimney. Flue blockage can cause a buildup of debris, resulting in a potential fire hazard.

Invest in an Air Cleaner

For those of you who enjoy wood burning, consider investing in an air cleaner. It can help eliminate bad chimney odor caused bysoot and other debris that naturally accumulate on the inside of your flue.

Get Rid Of Grease Buildup

Often, this grease buildup is also responsible for bad chimney smells. Try cleaning it out with white vinegar and water instead of soap and water.

old building with chimneys

Change the Firewood

Some types of wood produce more odor than others. Or perhaps, you may not like the smell of wood that you’re using. Try switching to some other type of wood, and make sure you’re using wood explicitly designed for homeowners.

Inspect Your Chimney

If you’re unable to figure out the source of bad odor, then it’s better to hire professionals and get your chimney thoroughly inspected. Sometimes, a dead bird or animal inside the chimney can also cause of bad smell in your house.

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