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Signs that Point to a Chimney Inspection

Post by : dminCMC


A chimney is a critical part of your home and is not something you can replace too often. Timely care and maintenance can ensure proper chimney functioning and prevent it from any significant damage.

This blog post will highlight some of the common signs you should look out for that may indicate chimney damage. If you notice of any of these signs, reach out to a reliable chimney sweep company at the earliest to get your chimney inspected.

outdoor table and benches in a garden foregrounding a chimney beside a sloping roof

Bad Odor

The most common sign that your chimney may be damaged is bad smell. Sometimes, the foul odor may go away when you open the windows or use a room spray. However, if the smell is persistent, it might be due to rotting wood, a leaking pipe or a dead animal or bird inside the chimney.

Unfortunately, you can’t diagnose the root cause of the problem on your own, and you will need to get your chimney inspected by a reliable chimney cleaning service.

Deteriorating Mortar

Chimneys need to be firmly attached to the home, and mortar bricks play a vital role in this regard. However, due to excessive heat and moisture, your mortar bricks may begin to deteriorate. If you notice any cracks or leakages in mortar bricks in your house, you should get it inspected immediately.

cottage behind the bushes with a chimney

Cracked Chimney Crowns

Cracked chimney crowns are another sign of a damaged chimney that you should look for. The purpose of chimney crowns is to form a protective layer that runs all along the top of your chimney.

Just like bricks, chimney crowns are more vulnerable to damage over the years. Rain, storms and bad weather can worsen these issues. Get cracked chimney crowns fixed as soon as you can to ensure your family’s safety.

Odd Noises

Do you often wake up at night and hear weird noises in your chimney’s surroundings? This may be due to chimney leakage. In most cases, you may notice whistling sounds due to multiple holes or leakage points across your chimney.

Increased Temperature

If you notice an increase in temperature in your room and walls surrounding the chimney, it’s a sign that your chimney may be clogged. A clogged chimney makes it difficult for the heat to escape, thereby increasing temperature in the living space.

If you notice any of these signs, get your chimney inspected at the earliest. Until you do so, keep your fireplace switched off.

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