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Protect the Masonry on Your Chimney With Water Repellent

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Professional chimney sweep and chimney technician inspecting a chimney

Because chimneys are exposed to the elements, they incur all kinds of weather damage. Whether it’s the freezing temperatures of the winter or spring showers, your chimney is bound to experience structural damage over time.

Water damage, specifically, is incredibly harmful to your chimney, and it’ll require expensive repairs. Water that has managed to leak into your chimney can cause decay in the drywall, weaken the structural beam through rot, and ruin the flooring in the house under the chimney.

You can prevent paying hundreds of dollars (if not more) for repairs by either waterproofing your chimney or applying water repellent to it.

Why Is Water in the Chimney So Problematic?

Old chimney with water damage

Masonry made of brick and mortar absorbs rainwater and water from melting snow, similar to a sponge.

Once the water seeps into the masonry, it expands and contracts; the freezing of water in the cracks will cause the masonry to weaken and fall apart. Unless the masonry is repaired, it will lead to more structural issues in the future.

Exposure to water impacts the chimney greatly, but it also flows into other parts of the house, including the floor, ceiling, and critical structural beams.

How Does Treating a Chimney With Water Repellent Help?

Treating your chimney masonry with just about any water repellent can hamper its absorbent properties. A chimney should only be treated with a water repellent that’s specifically designed to be used on it.

Fireplaces must allow poisonous gases, heat, and water condensation to pass through them. Generic water repellents will completely seal the masonry and stop it from “breathing.” As a result, the gases, water vapor, and heat will remain in the house.

Benefits of Using a Treating Your Chimney With Water Repellent

Professional chimney services companies that are certified by the CSIA will apply the best chimney water repellents on your chimney.

Here’s what you’ll get in return:

  • A useful 10-year warranty (only applicable when applied by a certified professional)
  • Protection from fungus and mildew
  • Prevention of thawing
  • Protection from stains
  • A neat finish
  • A seal that allows gases, vapor, and heat to pass

If you think your chimney needs to be sealed with a water repellent, call professional chimney services near you.

A chimney sweep will thoroughly clean the interiors and exteriors of the chimney before applying the water repellent.

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We have a team of chimney sweeps that will clean your chimney before treating them with an advanced chimney repellent.

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