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Timberwolf Economizer EPA 2100 Stove

(shown with ash pan and leg option)

The cast iron arched doorway and glass give this unit a rich look. The glass is heat resistant that adds to the safety and beauty of the Timberwolf EPA 2100. This stove will go a long way to reduce your heating bills. It is cost-effective and environmentally friendly too.

Because of the small footprint that it makes on our environment it has been certified by the EPA. It does not blow fumes into you living room or make a woody mess on the floor, like a traditional fireplace does.

The EPA 2100 is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency as it emits a minimal amount of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Unlike older open fireplaces which involve very high release of carbon dioxide and other fumes into the atmosphere, these modern stoves are very environmentally conscious.

Timberwolf Economizer EPA 2100 Wood Burning Stove Specification

The following specifications give Timberwolf EPA 2100 an outstanding 85.5% efficiency rating:

  • Dimensions: 26” wide, 31” high, 19.75” deep
  • Weighs 180 pounds.
  • 6 hours burn time.
  • Comes with a fully refractory lined firebox, which is long-lasting and produces low emissions.
  • Optimal heating in rooms between 500 to 1500 square feet.
  • A log that is 18 inches or less will fit in the firebox.
  • The diameter of the flue is 6 inches. Takes up less space in the room, and still gets the job done.
  • Conveniently-located air control lever.
  • Certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Not approved for mobile homes.
  • Additional Options are a variable speed blower and ash pan/drawer kit.
The Timberwolf Economizer EPA 2100 w/legs is $874.00
The Timberwolf Economizer EPA 2100 w/pedestal is $978.00
Ash pan/Drawer Kit is $179.00
Variable Speed Blower Kit is $270.00

Many Benefits

The Timberwolf EPA 2100 has received many positive reviews from customers. They love that the stoves deliver and function better than they expected. They love the energy efficiency and ease of a warm fire.

The Timberwolf EPA 2100 is compact and easy to use. Its distinct styling is a beautiful addition to any room. It efficiently heats a home and keeps the heating costs to a minimum. It is a clean burner and does not add to the air pollution in our country.

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