Davenport Pellet

Davenport Pellet Compact, sturdy, and whisper quiet, this handsome stove has extended capacity to burn longer on a single fill. Available in pedestal or leg kit. Standard Features Fuel Type : Pellet BTUs :10,000 to 50,000 Efficiency : 85% Hopper Capacity :70 Pounds Maximum Burn Time :55 hours Fully automatic controls and fuel feed Thermostat […]


KOZI BayWin Pellet Stove Highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and competitively priced, the KOZI Model BayWin Pellet Burner is the most popular alternative heating source on the market today. Loaded with state-of-the-art features, this pellet burner will provide many years of trouble free heating comfort. The attractive design guarantees it will fit into any decor. Each […]

KOZI Model

KOZI Model 100 Pellet Burner ENJOY THE COMFORT AND RELIABILITY OF A KOZI PELLET BURNER Designed to generate heat using waste wood by-product pellets, the KOZI Model 100 is a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly, economically priced unit. KOZI Pellet appliances are considered “clean burning” as they produce low environmental emissions and ash content. As a primary […]

NPS45 Pellet Stove

NPS45 Pellet Stove Uncompromising Pellet Performance A renewable energy source, environmentally friendly, economical, convenient… A renewable energy source, environmentally friendly, economical, convenient… these are just some of the reasons a Napoleon® pellet stove is the perfect solution to heat your home. The freestanding stove provides Zone Heating furnace performance and a reliable heating source. The […]


Napoleon Timberwolf Economizer TPS35 Pellet Stove Outstanding 76.3% Efficiency Rating Pellet Burning Stove shown with standard painted black door and pedestal base. Optional hopper extension available which increases the pellet capacity to 100 pounds. The Timberwolf Economizer TPS35 provides an economical, environmentally friendly way out of the stressful bills caused by home heating. Unlike older […]

Warmland PS45

Warmland PS45 Pellet Stoves Simple to operate and easy to maintain – Warmland PS45 pellet stoves offer a biofuel heating alternative along with the engineering excellence and the proven performance that can only be found with a Pacific Energy Fireplace Product. By eliminating heat loss with our signature knife edge door seal, Warmland’s airtight firebox […]

Warmland PS45 Classic

Warmland PS45 Classic Pellet Stoves The PS45 Classic is all about design options. By incorporating a modular concept to the product line, the PS45 Classic has the unique ability to dramatically change its overall appearance. Create a unit perfectly suited your home from a selection of porcelain enamel finishes, door styles and finishes, leg finishes […]