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Outdoor Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2021

Post by : dminCMC


cooking outdoor

2020 had us all cooped up inside our houses for so long that one of the leading trends for 2020 home renovations seems to be… outdoor and backyard kitchens.

To get more specific, here are some trends that stood out.

Fresh Herb Garden

The organic fad has blown up to epic proportions in the past few years. People are now more conscious about what they’re putting inside their bodies, and DIY gardening has become quite popular. But, more important than a trend, it’s a sustainable hobby that can help you reduce costs.

A fresh herb garden ensures that you have all the rosemary and thyme you could need right in your backyard. Every time you have to garnish your freshly cooked meals with some cilantro, all you’ll have to do is pluck out some from those little pots outside—but don’t forget to wash them!

Speaking of Gardens…

garden vegatables

Since gardening really has grown on us, people have been growing a level beyond simple herb pots. For 2021, actual gardening is turning out to look like quite a viable prospect. Besides, there really is so much that you can grow on your own: small quantities of basic vegetables and some fruits, to say the least.

DIY gardening was all the rage during the pandemic, and we might just see more people taking greater gardening initiatives in the New Year.

Stone Stoves

What’s the purpose of an outdoor kitchen if you don’t have a stone stove outside? Pizza ovens, barbecue setups, stone stoves—all can be part of a big outdoor setup where you can display your best skills when you throw a party.

We’d say—if you can afford it—get the whole deal. Racks, a rotisserie, side burners, stone stoves, and more. Why go halfway when you can go all the way?

Opt for Shade

While an outdoor kitchen is definitely an outstanding idea, we’d say you should also think of some safety measures, because rain is always an issue. Even if your outdoor kitchen is only for parties and the like, we’d say get a cover to protect all your nice equipment and tools. Besides, even excessive heat from the sun can damage your equipment—not to say your food.

Think about it: food is supposed to cook at a certain temperature, right? Otherwise, it goes bad. A shade, or a cover, will ensure that your food isn’t overcooked on days when the sun is shining too brightly. If you’re something of a Gordon Ramsay when it comes to cooking food right, you’d want that shade.

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