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Modernize Your Existing Fireplace with These Tips

Post by : dminCMC


A modern living room

Fireplaces keep you warm and cozy on colder days and serve as a focal point of your home. Whether it’s vintage and cottage-like or contemporary and minimal, the look of your fireplace transforms the whole vibe of your house. Fireplace remodeling is essential to give the entire space a clean, modern, and airy look.

If your existing fireplace looks like an eyesore, ruining the whole interior, it’s time to jazz it up with these tips.

1. A Fresh Paint Can Do Wonders

You’d be surprised at the difference a simple paint job can make to a fireplace. It will freshen it up and give it a cleaner look. Go for a color that complements the walls, or you can choose a contrasting color to make it pop.

If your walls are neutral-colored, the classic combination of black, gray, and white in your fireplace can give it a striking look. Don’t forget to paint the mantel and trim because they may look old and weary when paired with a freshly painted fireplace.

2. Cost-effective & Modern Update with Stone Veneer

You don’t need actual stonework to cozy up your fireplace. Stone veneers are cost-effective and practical alternatives to natural stone, with countless options to choose from. Homeowners prefer installing it in their wood-burning fireplace due to its heat-resistant properties and easy application. This material doesn’t require demolition and can be applied over your existing fireplace.

Stone veneer comes in many varieties, including strips, mosaic, large and round, etc., with many colors and textures. Choosing the suitable stone and texture can elevate the aesthetics of your fireplace and give it a modern look.

3. Add Some Décor to the Mantel

If you’re lucky enough to still have a mantel over your fireplace, make the most of it by adding décor. It gives you a lot of flexibility to change the style as the season changes. Here are a few things that will look good for a modern and clean look:

  • Chic artwork
  • Gold décor
  • Plants
  • Stack of books
  • Small lamp and mirror

You don’t have to add all of these things; experiment with a few items to see what works the best.

Modern and chic décor on a fireplace mantel

4. Add Glass Doors for Safety

Glass doors don’t just serve as a modern element but also add an important safety feature to your fireplace. Wood-burning fireplaces can be dangerous if left untended, but glass doors can keep you safe.

5. Get Rid of Your Shabby Fireplace

A fireplace can malfunction after years of keeping your home warm, and sometimes even a repair can’t help it. A new fireplace installation will increase the value of your home and elevate its aesthetics. It also allows you complete freedom to choose a modern design, material, electric or wood/gas fireplace, etc.

New fireplace installation

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