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Masonry Walls Installation and Repair

Walls –Retaining Walls

Masonry Retaining Walls, also called stone walls, can add a sense of beauty to your home’s landscape or structure. We can offer you many ideas on walls that best suit your home or building. Whether you need repairs to your existing masonry retaining wall or would like to have a new wall built, we will offer you the best options at a price you can feel great about.Paver Retaining Wall in CT

Stone Walls

Stone walls are constructed with or without cement between the joint. With many different styles to choose from, stone walls last a long time and are a beautiful addition to any home and can also be used as a retaining wall. There is no material more eco-friendly and green than natural stone for your home. Stone retaining wall in Winsor, CT

Brick Walls

Generally, brick walls need to have a concrete footing or slab. Brick walls are very common and usually have some sort of coping or top layer material made from bluestone, concrete, cement, or brick. These masonry walls are strong and will last a long time if constructed properly. Brick walls can also be used as a retaining wall.

Block Walls

Cement blocks or CMU’s are similar to bricks, however, they need a good foundation to be effective. Today’s split face block walls can have color and texture similar to interlocking walls but require a solid foundation and mortar between the joints. CMU’s are an industry standard in most commercial projects and can be used as a retaining wall.

Interlocking Walls

Generally used in both commercial and residential applications, retaining walls and steps can be built out of cement blocks. There are no cement slab, footing, or joints required. They are also referred to as dry lay walls.

Concrete Walls

Concrete is strong, durable and long lasting. They are an industry standard in most commercial and residential structural walls, steps and foundations. Concrete can also be used in retaining walls.

There are so many more attractive and professional projects our team can help you build at Creative Masonry & Chimney. Our masonry team provides outstanding craftsmanship and unmatched value for every customer. In building out your design, our main concern is to thoroughly understand your expectations and help bring your projects to life. We believe in providing the best standards and achieving an end result that meets and exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Our available masonry wall designs can also help you create extraordinary backyard views and increase the value of your property. No matter your dream, our team can provide custom design ideas and help you execute your projects in a timely approach. Moreover, our competitive pricing brings you the best options to choose from within your budget Contact us today for more information and to schedule a free consultation!