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Stucco Repair and Installation

Stucco Repair & Installation

Stucco is a mixture of cement, sand, lime and water. It is also known as straight cement plaster. Stucco is ideal for exterior coating of walls and it can also be used as a decorative coating for walls and ceilings where artistic construction is preferred. We specialize in the application of stucco and ensure that it is of the highest workmanship.

Stucco is also known as exterior Portland cement plaster and it is highly resistant to outside weather. EFIS is also sometimes referred to as stucco. We have completed many stucco repair & installation jobs on various residential and commercial structures throughout Connecticut. Walls applied with stucco are not only resistant to humidity but also harsh winds, which can be a problem in storm-prone areas. Common areas we stucco are basements and foundation walls, concrete steps, and brick or block surfaces, such as chimneys and retaining walls.

Once you hire us for stucco application on the interior or exterior walls of your house, we’ll ensure that the work done is up to strict professional standards. We employ professionals with years of experience in all varieties of masonry construction and they are well versed in all stucco repair and application methods. Rest assured we will use the methods that best suit the needs of your project. Contact us today with your stucco or EFIS project needs.