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Paver Installation and Repair

Interlocking Pavers – Repair Brick and Concrete Pavers

At Creative Masonry & Chimney, we offer services for interlocking concrete pavers that are stylish, colorful and available in several eye-catching patterns. Both brick and concrete are perfect for durable and long lasting surfaces in residential and commercial establishments that see a lot of humans as well as vehicular traffic. We have built numerous sidewalks, pool decks, patio’s, steps, and driveways. This type of all weather material can be installed quickly and requires almost no maintenance. It’s high resistance to spilled fuel, oil, and weather changes ensures that interlocking pavers will give you usage for years to come.

Interlocking Pavers

Our professionals excel in quality installations of all kinds of brick and concrete pavers and these pavers can be used immediately upon installation. Whether you require a new construction or repair of the previously installed pavers, we can help you. Our pavers are easy to repair and once the repair is completed, the repaired area looks just like the rest of the surface with no sign of concrete or brick repair. There are various advantages of interlocking pavers as they are superior to other surfaces such as asphalt or poured-in-concrete.

Interlocking Paver Patio’s, Steps, Walls and More

There is a limitless collection of designs, colors and material types of pavers that you can choose from. We have a large selection of concrete interlocking pavers from various manufacturers such as Unilock, Techo Block, Nicolock, Cambridge, Belgard, and Ideal. These premium concrete paver products offer color protection such as Cambridge’s ArmorTec® and Nicolock’s exclusive Paver-Shield™. Don’t let your imagination stop at just a walkways or paver patio. We can build you an amazing outdoor kitchen complete with a firepit, sitting walls and water feature for your entire family to enjoy.

Contact us today for all your interlocking pavers needs and we will guide you in the right direction. Visit our showroom to see the different type of brick pavers, walls, steps & patios Creative Masonry & Chimney can create for you.