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The Finest Brick Repair Services in Connecticut

No matter how skillfully the brickwork on your home or commercial property was done, it will eventually need maintenance. Rather than settle for short-term solutions, hire a brick contractor in Connecticut that prioritizes work that lasts.

Our Multi-Step Process

Brick Repair in CT.

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Mortar Repair

Mortar holds bricks in position. Bricks can last more than a hundred years, but mortar’s lifespan is only between 10 and 20 years.Cracks form as a result of environmental wear and tear and precipitation’s freeze-thaw cycles.

Color and Texture Matching

We aim for a clean, consistent look. Like you, we want to make your brick wall or paving look like it was never damaged. We do it either by replicating the color and texture of the original brickwork or procuring the same materials when we repair or replace the damaged sections.

Brick Replacement

Sometimes just a few bricks crack or become loose. When this happens, you need masonry service and repair. Replacing these bricks helps extend the life of your façade.

Halt brick and mortar deterioration and eliminate the risk of falling bricks. Consult with our team and get our masons to reinforce the brickwork in your property as soon as mortar cracks become a safety issue.

Call our OSHA-certified masons whenever you need brick and chimney repairs in Connecticut.