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Brick Repair

Brick Chimney Repair

Brick has long been used because of its durability and attractive look. However, many times it will weather or break and need to be repaired or replaced. Some may see this as a daunting task. Our clients often believe they will have to pull the bricks out and completely start over.

However, with the expertise and experience of the masons at Creative Masonry and Chimney, we can repair your brick masonry and have your property looking good in no time. Construction mechanics, design, and geology all play a vital role in understanding brick masonry design and our masons all have a great understanding of these factors.

Brick Masonry Repair is a Multi-Step Process

Fixing the Mortar

You may think that once brick has been laid, there is little to no maintenance involved. This is not entirely true. Most joints (between the brick) are filled with mortar. Mortar only has a lifespan of about 45 years, although brick can last considerably longer.

As your home settles you may also notice cracks that run through your bricks. This is no reason to panic. These are common mortar issues and are fairly routine. The experienced, professional masons at Creative Masonry and Chimney can match the mortar in color and material and fix these problems.

One of the most valuable reasons to seek repairs is because proper brick repair serves as a long-term solution to keep water and moisture from seeping into the brickwork. Once temperatures become cold, that moisture could freeze or erode and cause damage to the bricks themselves. We can do comprehensive inspections to ensure that any cracks are found and repaired.

Matching the Colors

Our masons are skilled in matching the color of the mortar and bricks when performing repairs so that you will have a finished project that looks as good as the day it was originally built. Our goal is for our repairs to look so natural, the new materials aren’t noticeable.

Replacing Broken Brick Masonry

If you have ever had structural damage to your brick wall or a brick mailbox, you may believe it’s time to replace the whole structure. However, with our years of training and experience, we are able to remove the damaged brick and replace it or restore the damaged area back to its original condition.

Let us put our experience to work for you. We will help you make informed decisions based on a variety of options for your brick repair needs. You can rest assured knowing that our work will be completed in an efficient, timely, and complete manner. After all, your satisfaction is our best investment. We, therefore, work hard to maintain our reputation as having the most efficient and professional masons that stand up to our expectations of integrity and quality. This ensures that your brick repairs and masonry work will always exceed your expectations.

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