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Is Cleaning My Chimney Worth It?

Post by : dminCMC


The layers of soot and creosote clogging your chimney can lead to carbon monoxide backdrafts, which can be lethal. The gas will leak from your fireplace into the room and accumulate, causing serious health issues for the households. That’s why it is important to hire a professional to get rid of the soot and creosote.

a metal chimney

In this blog, we’ll explain why chimney cleaning is so vital.

A clogged chimney can damage the fireplace

The interior brick and mortar of the fireplace need to breathe. If it’s surrounded by creosote and excessive soot, the structure will crumble over time. The crumbling will lead to other problems such as cracks and gas leaks in your home. All these issues are expensive to fix, which is why it is vital to schedule regular chimney cleaning sessions.

brown brick building under blue sky during daytime

The creosote in the chimney can affect the efficiency of your fireplace

The chimney flue is a large pipe that works as a duct to push air from your fireplace up the chimney and out of the house. The flue must be open and clean to allow air and heat to pass through, but if it’s full of soot, it won’t work as well.

This means that you’ll have less heat than you would if the flue was free of clog and dust, so make sure that you always clean your chimney every year.

Chimney cleaning will reduce noise

A clogged chimney can cause a lot of unwanted noise. Whenever you turn on the fireplace, it will make a loud clunking noise because of the extra resistance in the flue. This impact can cause cracks in the flue pipe and brick inside, which will cause even bigger problems and require an expensive fix to keep your fireplace safe and working properly.

Hire a Chimney Professional

When you hire a chimney professional, they’ll thoroughly inspect your chimney and advise you on the maintenance. They will fix the issues at hand and address any other potential damages or safety hazards if necessary.

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