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Importance of Chimney Flue

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The fireplace’s safety is promised by essential materials working behind the scenes. One of those crucial elements is the chimney flue: a lining inside the chimney that keeps your home and family safe.

Read on to learn more about how the chimney flue is important for a fireplace to work safely.

steel chimney flue liners

What is a Chimney Flue?

The chimney flue is the lining inside the chimney. It extends from the fireplace to the crown of the chimney. It acts as a passage for gases and smoke to travel from the indoors to the outdoors. As it’s regularly exposed to fumes, chimney flue can wear out quickly and should be inspected routinely by professional chimney sweeps.

There are a few different types of flue liners including metal, clay, and all-cast. All of them serve the common purpose of actively directing fumes up and out of the house. This is why homeowners in Connecticut are now legally required to have fitted flue liners inside their chimneys.

Why is a Chimney Flue Important?

1. Protection of Your Home from Fumes

Burning wood creates harmful gasses which should not find their way inside the house. Carbon monoxide and fine particles, among other fumes, are some major health hazards.

The smooth surface of the chimney flue allows it to act as a passageway for smoke to be carried out and away. In comparison, mortar and brick are rough and tend to trap the gases inside the house. This is why a properly working chimney flue should be a priority. The regular inspection of your chimney will allow you to monitor the health of your flue.

2. Protection from Combustion

Parts of your house and chimney are made of combustible materials such as woodwork and drywall. The vapors and smoke can penetrate through cracked mortar and bricks. This can cause a chimney fire that can spread easily through flammable materials. The buildup of flammable creosote in the chimney adds to this hazard.

The flue liner provides a strong barrier between the fire and the chimney and any combustible materials. It’s also easier to clean so any creosote can be safely removed by a chimney sweep.

3. Chimney Health and Lifespan

The smoke passing through the chimney is often hot and acidic. This can corrode the materials inside a chimney and affect its overall structure. A weaker chimney is more prone to gas leaks and energy losses. Procedures like chimney rebuilding and repointing might be needed more often.

The chimney flue protects the masonry from the heat and acidic components. This prevents overheating and corrosion, and promises better health for your chimney so it can last longer.

A chimney sweep cleaning a chimney

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