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Identify Chimney Issues Before Disaster Strikes

Post by : dminCMC


Have you inspected your chimney lately? Always figured it looked a bit ‘off’ but it was only cosmetic? Black stains are not just a normal sign of smoke. White stains can be many things, but most likely not just too many local pigeons. From the ground, odds are you’ve no way to see if maybe there is missing stuff…you know, the things that cover the hole in your roof? Damaged or missing flashing or crowns can cause leaks inside the roof, walls or allow water directly into your home.

Since Hartford is such an historic town, there are also many ‘historic’ chimneys. Many beautiful buildings from the 1880’s and 90’s still line our streets, such as St. Mary’s Home for the Aged, The George Darlin Apartments or some of the old buildings on Park Street. All of this nostalgia is to make a point; many homes and businesses in and around the Hartford area were built many years ago. Many, like the Case Block apartment in Bristol have been restored. Others, not so much.

We took some shots of damaged chimneys we saw that could use some help soon. It never takes much looking to find the type of issuses we saw. We made a video to show the seemingly small issues that are indeed in need of immediate repair. Old brick buildings and houses have one thing in common both from historical eras and those built today…brick chimneys. A crack, seeping water damage or that old moss growing on the side are all signs of serious damage taking place. The video below has some excellent examples of what I’m talking about.

Identify Your Chimney Troubles Today!

Go outside and take a look at your and see what you’ve been missing. If you have a safe way, take a look at the top and see how worn out your cap or crown is…assuming it all isn’t missing! Or, maybe it is just time to have a real expert with real experience living and working in your local area take a look at your chimney, or any brick work or masonry for that matter, so you can protect your investment, and safety.

And of course, don’t forget the stuff you can’t see. What might be on the inside of your walls or snaking through your ceiling right now? Makes you wonder huh? We are a phone call away, so why wait any longer? Let us help you now.