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How You Can Stylishly Add Exposed Brick Walls to Your Home

Post by : dminCMC


Are you sick and tired of that brick wall that stands in the center of your living room? Or perhaps it’s the biggest feature of your loft and you’re tired of how distracting it can be. You never wanted it there, but now you’re stuck with it.

Or perhaps you’re tired of the same old painted walls, boring, without texture and without character—in which case it’s always a great idea to add a brick wall to your home.

Brick walls manage to channel an incredibly chic, modern yet somehow very rustic look, allowing you to play with texture, color, depth and add an interesting accent.

Expose your fireplace

Fireplaces are a great feature for any home. They add so much character, as well as serve an important role in the heating and insulation of your house. Make it look contemporary rustic with the help of an exposed brick wall that frames your fireplace and mantle. You can reach out to us for our fireplace installation and remodeling services in CT.


Choose the color of brick

Brick doesn’t need to be boring. You can experiment with color and size, painting over your wall once we’re done exposing them. Try a combination of pastels, or paint it a single bright color for a beautifully textured accent wall. This works especially well for kitchens, living rooms, allowing you to contrast them with your furniture, shelves, and other items.

You can keep it neat

When we think of brick walls, we think of overlays, messy layouts, and textured surfaces, but you can also request neater rows and flatter layouts, especially if you’re having the wall made from scratch. Speak to our contractors about different brickwork patterns and how you can incorporate those into your wall.

brick wall

Partially exposed walls

If you’d prefer keeping the exposed brick to a minimum, pick a corner and work with that. This helps add a unique touch to your space without being too boring or uniform. A partially exposed wall or roof can make your home look slightly dilapidated but it all boils down to the way you style the rest of it, how you draw attention to it and what corner you choose. Use them to give your bathroom a more classic, yet contemporary look, or in your living room where you can frame windows, or use exposed brick accents.

Work with an outdoor wall

Lastly, one of the best ways to use brickwork is for outdoor spaces. For your backyard, a terrace, the patio, wherever you have space, use brick to enhance the exteriors of your home or apartment. They look and feel welcoming, modern yet with an old-time charm that catches the eye.

Brick walls are a timeless addition to your home and we’d be happy to help you make that. We work extensively with brick and mortar, offering masonry services in various areas in Connecticut including Hartford, Bloomingdale, Simsbury, and Bristol. Contact us here to learn more.