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How to Tell if You Need a Chimney Liner

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A chimney liner is an additional layer of defense used to protect a building’s chimneys from damage. Chimney liners are typically made of metal sheeting set in cement or mortar, but they are also constructed from concrete or fired clay, bricks, tiles or corrugated metal.

When Should You Get Chimney Lining?

There’s a widespread misconception that you don’t need a chimney liner unless and until your chimney starts collapsing. If you notice a slow deterioration of mortar joints, or cracks in the bricks, it’s time to get a chimney liner installed at the earliest. Ideally, get a liner installed along with a chimney rebuilding.

This blog will discuss three reasons why you should install a liner around your chimney.

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You Need Added Protection

Chimney liners protect the flue from water damage. Water that runs down your roof and through your vent system erodes the mortar joints and adversely affects the chimney. Installing a liner around your chimney prevents this from happening as it doesn’t let the water reach the chimney or mortar joints.

Similarly, it also prevents birds and animals from getting stuck in your chimney.

Your Chimney Needs Frequent Maintenance

Liners also make it easier to inspect chimney damages and determine if something needs to be fixed. In fact, you can even take care of minor issues yourself if there’s a chimney liner in place.

Moreover, you won’t have to replace or repair the chimney lining every time it gets dirty or damaged. You can simply re-caulk and refinish it yourself whenever needed. However, if you come across loose bricks or eroding mortar joints, then reach out to a chimney cleaning and repair service in your region.

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You Need a Durable Chimney

If you’re wondering why you need a chimney lining in addition to mortar bricks, the answer is fairly simple. Chimney liners hold up better than bricks owing to their durability and insulation properties. They’re capable of surviving harsh weather conditions and don’t require a lot maintenance either.

If there are issues with the chimney liner, it’s quite easy and affordable to get them fixed. However, the problem can worsen if the damage reaches the chimney or mortar joints.

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