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How To Set Up Your Chimney Space

Post by : dminCMC


A fireplace feels like the heart of the home and can add a warm coziness to it. Most winter days are spent lying by the roaring fire in a warm blanket.

However, not every fireplace is put to work, and sometimes, homeowners may want to keep it just for the sake of the comfy vibe it gives. While some of us may not be able to use our fireplace to light a crackling fire, it doesn’t mean we can’t style it in a creative way to match the rest of the home.

These décor ideas can help you jazz up the mantle and hearth without needing a running fire so that your fireplace delights visitors all year round.

Re-Tile The Fireplace:

If your home came with a pre-installed old-school-style fireplace, you might be able to incorporate it into your modern home. Redo the tiles with a graphic pattern to give the fireplace an updated feel, but keep the old mantel as it is. This fusion of old and new will look fascinating, and you can complete the look with minimalistic décor.

Cover It In Black:

While it’s pleasing, red brick may not always fit in with different home aesthetics, especially if you’re going for a monochromatic look in the house.

If your home design verges more towards the sleekness of natural stone materials and modern art, you can easily match the fireplace by painting it in black or a different dark color. The cool colors will help create depth and hide the rustic look of the bricks. Your fireplace will end up having an understated yet unique look that can’t be matched.

Add Logs For Décor:

Even if your fireplace doesn’t function as it should, you can still use firewood to decorate the area. The logs will add warmth to the look and will look great with a white fireplace.modern living room

Install A Wood-Burning Masonry Fireplace:

If you want to take an alternative route, you can choose to get a wood-burning fireplace installed under your chimney. Choose a space with the required 12- to 14-inch space for a chimney and speak to your masonry contractor. This classic fireplace can be made using bricks or stones for the firebox and chimney, and it will have a wood mantel.

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