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How To Put Out A Chimney Fire

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Chimney fires can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. They are loud and can cause thick smoke to erupt from the top of your chimney. These fires can be caused by factors like creosote buildup or a faulty chimney liner.

Studies show that home heating equipment like fireplaces causes over 48,530 house fires annually. If you find yourself amid a chimney fire, taking these measures can help.

Dirty chimneys in need of chimney sweep services

Use Sand Or Salt

The first step to dealing with a chimney fire is to evacuate your house. Make sure your family is outside before you take further action. Using sand or salt is a great way to smother the flame, which keeps it from growing.

Make sure you’re not standing too close to your fireplace when you pour sand over it. It’s always best to keep a bucket of sand near your fireplace for this reason.

Use A Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can be a lifesaver, so make sure you use it on the grate of your fireplace. Stand at a distance and aim the nozzle at the grate, spraying at low pressure. Spraying the extinguisher too hard can cause embers to fall out of your fireplace.

Once the fire is extinguished, removing any burning ash is important so it doesn’t reignite a fire.

Hose Around The Chimney

A chimney fire can easily light up your roof, so using a hose is important to prevent that from happening. Instead of directly spraying into your chimney, aim the hose towards your roof so it can spray around the chimney.

Make sure you use a sturdy ladder if you need to access the room. Putting dry fire suppressants down the chimney can also help tame the fire. Always make sure to keep a distance from the fire.

Call A Firefighter

Before anything else, call a firefighter for help. Using these methods, you can keep a fire from growing big, but it’s always best to leave the extinguisher to the professionals.

Once the fire has been put out, the next important step is to call a chimney sweep to get your chimney cleaned. Make sure the ashes have cooled down enough before doing this.

Firefighter putting out a chimney fire

Avoid Chimney Fires By Getting Professional Chimney Repair Services

Getting your chimney cleaning and inspections can potentially prevent house fires.

Creative Masonry and Chimneys offers chimney rebuilding services and more in CT. Their team of professional chimney sweeps gives your chimney a thorough cleaning so you can enjoy a fire hazard-free fireplace. Whether you need a new chimney liner, cap, or flashing, they can install it all at affordable rates.