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How to Improve a Drafty Fireplace

Post by : dminCMC


When your home’s chimney works the way it should, the fireplace will emanate enough heat to keep your house warm. A malfunctioning chimney, however, will lead to inefficient heating, while also making your property susceptible to smoke or fire damage.

There are around 25,000 chimney fires in the US every year, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

A drafty fireplace is just one sign of a faulty chimney. If you notice a cold draft blowing through your fireplace, it’s best to call professional chimney sweeps to inspect your chimney.

Here are some common reasons behind a drafty fireplace:

Flue Size

The circumference of the chimney flue should be equal to a tenth of your fireplace opening.

A chimney flue that’s too small will block the waste gases produced by the fire from blowing out. If the chimney flue is too wide, however, the waste gases will recirculate within the chimney instead.

A chimney expert can let you know if the chimney flue is too large, and whether it needs reworking. If the chimney flue is too small, the chimney sweep can help you clean any creosote to prevent air blockage.

You can attempt to burn a chimney-cleaning log and remove the creosote that way, but it’s much more effective to use the services of a professional chimney sweep.

The Length of the Chimney


There’s a reason why chimneys extend past the roofline; the longer they are, the better they are at creating an updraft that pulls all the smoke away.

A chimney that rises only two feet above the roof isn’t long enough to create a strong updraft. You’ll need a chimney expert to rebuild your chimney from scratch or lengthen it in this case.

Your chimney length may also need to be extended if you have tree branches growing into your chimney.

Air Pressure

Whenever the pressure inside a fireplace is higher than the pressure outside, air passes through the chimney. However, when the fireplace isn’t lit, air starts coming into the fireplace from outside.

When there’s too much air coming in from outside, it gets very difficult to start a fire.

This is a very common problem in areas where the outside air is cold. Opening a window in the room with the fireplace can help balance out the pressure, but it isn’t an option when it’s freezing outside.

If you have a drafty fireplace, get in touch with masonry and chimney experts near you to find the best solutions.

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