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How to Identify Common Chimney Problems

Post by : dminCMC


Cleaning chimneys is a very hectic and can dissuade people from even cleaning them. People are lazy to clean their chimneys or even conduct a simple inspection. This is a dangerous thing to do when you have been using the chimney for years without any inspection. You may overlook some common chimney problems by not paying the required attention to the fireplace.

How To Identify Common Chimney Problems

Among the most easily avoidable concerns that arise with fireplaces are flashing difficulties. Once the flashing becomes compromised, broken, or missing, leakages and property damage occur.

Be sure to caulk any cracks and seams correctly. Additionally, if somehow flashing is now weathered with years, one can consider upgrading it with modern flashing created with a long-lasting sealant. Hire a trained specialist to complete this task for the best outcomes.

The home shouldn’t have any water leaks. If somehow the task is still not done correctly and you end up having to restore the roof, floorboards of your home, etc., the expense of a skilled restoration would undoubtedly spare you money down the road.

If the brickwork and plaster are not kept intact, cracks could be at fault. Determine whether the bricks appear chipping, breaking, or loosened if moved. These may be the initial indications of joint dislocation.


Assuming you notice such problems promptly, you might be capable of making minor repairs rather than big ones that necessitate hiring a masonry expert. Such fractures should not be wider than 1/8-inch.

Nevertheless, chimney restoration can only be executed proficiently by qualified experts.

While inspecting their chimney, people frequently neglect to examine the interior and only focus on the exterior. Inspect the chimney’s channel with a bright torch for every obstruction, like smoke layers or other waste.

You might ask a qualified expert, such as Creative Chimney and Masonry to conduct this phase of the chimney examination if you do not want to get dirty by doing this yourself.

Beginner chimney inspectors frequently will not be capable of recognizing a range of issues with their untrained eyes. Creosote frequently clogs chimneys and manifests as a crusty mass that is black or brownish.


Every owner’s chimney needs to undergo a thorough inspection once a year. Annually, this examination prevents countless individuals from becoming hurt or perhaps dying in accidents with fireplaces.  During the winter time, relax by the fireplace to stay warm, and once the weather warms up, be sure to examine the chimney again for safety.

If you see any of the above common chimney problems in your chimney, contact us right away!