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How to Help Ensure Your Fireplace Functions Correctly Throughout the Winter

Post by : dminCMC


The air is steadily getting drier and the days are getting shorter. This means that fall is likely already here, or that winter is just weeks away. With all of these changes in weather, most people will be spending more time in their homes, as well as turning up the heat. In fact, for those who have a fireplace, they will likely start cozying up to it each night for some extra warmth.

As a company that provides chimney repair services in Hartford, CT, and many other areas, we know how some people rely on their fireplaces for additional heat throughout the winter season. However, we also know that if they do not do everything they can to keep it maintained throughout the winter months, they could find themselves missing out on enjoying the comfort of a cozy and inviting fire.

While scheduling an annual maintenance appointment will always be key to how well a fireplace functions, there are still some things that individuals can do to guarantee that they get the most out of their fireplace this winter.

Before you start using your fireplace, light a couple small pieces of wood and observe the smoke.

Test your fireplace for any problems by lighting some small pieces of seasoned wood. After you do, keep an eye out for which way the smoke exits the fireplace. Is it going up the chimney like it’s supposed to? If the smoke is doing anything but that, you may still have to clean out some soot/creosote, or other debris that is likely prohibiting the smoke from going up and out.

If possible, burn only seasoned and clean wood.

Burning clean and seasoned wood will not only be much better for your fireplace, but your lungs will thank you for it. If you burn things made of plastic or rubber, garbage, or treated wood, the air in your home might become contaminated with toxins that can affect your health. Not to mention the fireplace will look a lot more disorderly.

There are a variety of things you can do to ensure that your fireplace works efficiently throughout the winter months. And, like we already said above, it all starts with having it receive an inspection. If you would like to hear more about how you can keep the fire burning bright at any time of the year, please reach out to us here at Creative Masonry & Chimney.