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How to Get an Animal Hiding in Your Chimney Out of it

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chimney and night sky

So, you’re sitting by your fireplace reading a good book. All of a sudden, you hear a strange rustling sound coming from your chimney. You take a closer look, and you see (and smell) animal feces in your firewood.

What does it all mean?

You’ve gathered that you probably have a small animal who’s stuck, hiding, or nesting inside your chimney.

If you’ve got an animal in your chimney, they could damage the chimney and leave you exposed to harmful micro-organisms.

It’s time to send the animal in your chimney packing.

But how can you do this?

Cover Your Fireplace

Use some covering, whether it’s glass or mesh, to cover your fireplace. Doing so prevents the animal from getting inside your home. If you live in an area with many animals, it’ll be an investment in your future to get a covering like this.

To prevent re-entry, you should also get a chimney cap.

Open Your Damper

Open your chimney’s damper. If you can’t cover your fireplace correctly, do not open your damper because doing so will allow the animal to fly or jump into your home.

If it’s rodents, they’re likely getting in through a gap somewhere rather than through your roof.

mouse trap

You want to set traps to remove the rodents and cover any gaps they could be crawling through with mesh.

Don’t try to smoke out the animal because firstly,this can kill them and secondly, if the animal is stuck, you’ll still have a stuck, now-dead animal in your chimney.

The easiest solution is to get a chimney sweep to remove nests and pests, in addition to other blockages in your chimney, and to get a chimney cap to prevent further unwanted instances of animals in your chimney.

Remove Pests from Your Chimney and Prevent Them From Re-entering Permanently

You shouldn’t be removing pests from the chimney on your own if you have no experience doing so. Using a professional cleaning service can help save you the trouble of buying costly equipment and taking unnecessary risks by putting yourself in danger to remove pests and other blockages. At Creative Masonry and Chimney, we provide expert chimney sweeps and cleaning, chimney inspection, and chimney repair in CT. We also provide high-quality chimney caps to prevent unwanted pests from entering your chimney. We offer a range of services to keep your chimney in the best condition. Get in touch with us by calling (860) 225-9178 today!