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How to Avoid Common Chimney Fire Hazards

Post by : dminCMC


A potential chimney fire hazard is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with quickly. Chimneys and flues are the pathways by which heat, smoke, and harmful gases escape the building. There are many ways to avoid chimney fires, including scheduling regular chimney inspections and cleaning services.

Follow these tips to reduce the risks of chimney fires significantly!

brick chimney

Don’t use flammable decorations on and around your fireplace

The number one cause for chimney fires is burning stuff other than wood logs. Too many things are added at once to keep the fire going, which causes a flare-up and sparks to fly out of the fireplace. This can set curtains, wall paint, furniture, and even the roof on fire.

Stay on top of regular maintenance

Investing in annual cleaning and inspection is one of the most important things homeowners can do for their safety. Inspections should include an examination of all flues, spark arrestors, dampers, and joint covers. If you notice any cracks or other issues, immediately report them to your chimney sweep.

a metallic chimney

Examine your chimney for signs indicating damage

A cracked or chipped masonry layer should be replaced immediately to prevent hazards such as a downdraft, which can ignite smoke and cause deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Damage in other areas could indicate significant moisture buildup inside the chimney that might lead to an even bigger problem down the line.

Although you can easily spot visible damages, it’s always safer to call the professional chimney inspection service. Their team will ensure that your chimney is properly maintained and do the required repairs if needed.

What Should You Do In Case of Emergency?

Although they happen less often, chimney fires still occur often enough to warrant taking precautionary measures. When a fire breaks out, your first instinct is to just put it out with a fire extinguisher, but before you do that, you should make sure your family is out of the house immediately and call 911 and get assistance to help you with the situation.

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